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(301) 524-7584

1500 W Cypress Creek Rd Ste 303 Fort Lauderdale, Florida   33309-1850 , USA

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General Info:

themarketpro is a full-service agency offering promotional materials, marketing, media realtions, print management, graphics and website design.

Products & Services:

  • Promotional Items
  • Marketing
  • Public Relations
  • Promotions
  • Media Relations
  • Print Management
  • Graphics
  • Website Design

Web Site Results

-friendly clothing in both the retail environment... more>> Tote Bags & Recycled Fabrics Since tote bags have been proven to be such an effective promotional item coupled... Responsible Promotional Products Many manufacturers within the promotional products industry have made exemplary commitments to design... more>> Bans on Single-Use Plastic Bags... & Water Bottles Numerous cities across the county are banning the use of the very thin retail plastic bags that are usually... more>> Trends in Eco-Friendly Promotional Products Over...
Technology-related items are the some of today s most popular promotional products. The newest of... more>> Gamification In the business world, gamification can be described as an event... Common Promotional Problems 1. Match the brand image to the product. If your product or service is a luxury item, then choose promotional... more>> Custom Promotional Products Have you... for stakeholders to interact and socialize... more>> Promotional Products Impressions Study In September 2012 the Advertising Specialty Institute s research team interviewed...
. Choose products with less packaging. Choose products that can be re-used, and that last a long time. Tire gauges to promote keeping your tires properly inflated. Computer... and desk accessories to promote telecommuting. Stickers or magnets reminding us to print hardcopies only when necessary, and then onto recycled paper. Reusable products such as picnic... supplies, utensils, tote bags, tumblers and travel mugs. Sports bottles that fit onto bicycles to promote alternative methods of transportation. Lanyards made from recycled polyester...
materials that are on the list. Now without a degree in chemistry this could be tough! But the promotional products industry is very sensitized to Californias requirements and products... and so any lead crystal items should be labeled. At TheMarketPro, we are committed to ensuring that the products we supply are safe and properly labeled. Please contact us for more... Submit Comment View Promotional Products Online 01. Promotional Products 02. Imprintable Clothing 03. 2011 Spectrum 04. 2011 Idea Showcase 05. Company Casuals 06. Food Gifts 07...
Corn Plastics Used in... Search Home Benefits Contact Us Corporate Overview Glossary of Terms References Services Corn Plastics Used in Promotional Products May 19, 2008 | Going... Green... Making a Difference! | Comments A growing number of promotional products are now available made from corn plastic instead of traditional petroleum-based plastic. These... products range from food and beverage containers such as mugs and canisters, household items such as fly swatters and chip clips, and desk accessories like pens and rulers. Several...

Company Profile:

Contact: 301-524-7584
Address: 1500 W Cypress Creek Rd Ste 303
Fort Lauderdale, Florida   33309-1850 , USA
Url: http://www.themarketpro.net
Fax: 301-865-7524
Year Established: 1996
Annual Sales: Below US$1 Million
Business Type: Service
Ownership: Woman owned
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