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(423) 337-3466

127 Industrial Park Rd., Sweetwater, Tennessee   37874 , USA

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a leader in design and innovation in plastic pipe dispensing trailers

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  • Industrial
  • Pe
  • Coiled
  • Coils
  • Trailers
  • Gas
  • Cable
  • Sweetwater
  • Tennessee
  • Plastic Pipe

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contractor. The CT2710C incorporates many features to improve the handling, transporting, and dispensing of coiled pipe, which equates to substantial cost savings. Features...: McElroy line Tamer to straighten and re-round the pipe - First designed and fabricated in our shops. Coil is suspended from ID - Always stays vertical and indexed with tamer. Powered... adjustable Mast - Accepts different coil size's and allows pipe room to align. Threading Rollers - Guides pipe into tamer and supports the pipe. Self Loading - Self storing load arm...
! SMP is a pioneer in LDCPE pipe handling innovations and the self loading feature of the CT2710C-LT-SL is a good example. Simply pull the trailer up alongside the coil. (the coil may... be in anupright position or lying down) Extend the outriggers, and extend the powered self-storing load arm. Hook up and winch the coil onto the trailer. The loading arm pulls... the coil into position and then stores itself out of the way. For More Information Please Contact: Dwayne Martin or Jerry Cook Telephone: 423-337-3466 FAX: 423-337-7208 Address: 127...
Single Axle Single Axle Pipe Dispensing Trailers MODEL CT1143TT 96 Inch Coil Tamer Options: Tilt Turntable - Shown Turntable Brake McElroy 2" Line Tamer - Shown Click Here For... channel Coupler - Lunette Eye - Adjustable Height Turntable - 96" W/4 Roller Supports Tires - ST225/75R15 LRC Max coil - 96 Inches Protected Lights 4 adj. Supports Inside Electric... Brakes Model CT1135TT With Brakes Model CT1135TT-S Without Brakes 80 Inch Coil Trailer Click Here For Larger Photo Click Here For Larger Photo Specifications CT1135TT Overall Width...
Tandem Axle Tandem Axle Heavy Duty Coiled Pipe Dispensing Trailers SMP's current lineup of coiled pipe dispensing trailers, all built with the same attention to quality and safety... features as our top of the line CT2710C-LT-SL. MODEL CT2786C-LT Shown With 2 Inch Line Tamer Option Click Here For Larger Photo Coil Trailer Combo with McElroy Line Tamer This... Width - 96 Inches Minimum Height 8 Foot 4 Inches Overall Length - 27 Foot Protected Lights GVWR - 8600 Lbs. Meets DOT Regs. Capacity - 3300 Lbs. Maximum Coil OD - 125 Inches Empty...

Company Profile:

Contact: 423-337-3466
Address: 127 Industrial Park Rd.
Sweetwater, Tennessee   37874 , USA
Url: http://www.pipetrailer.com
Fax: 423-337-4232
Year Established: 1969
Annual Sales: US$2.5 Million - US$5 Million
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