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(407) 877-7177

456 Palm Dr., Ocoee, Florida   34761 , USA

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FIXED SEATING Econo-Comfort 700 The Econo-Comfort 700 is the best pew we offer. While fully upholstered it offers much comfort and ease of use. Only solid wood is used in this model and all other models here at Florida Millworks & Church Furniture. No. 700 Front The No. 700 is our fully upholste...
OPEN TABLES Communion/Offering/Narthex. Length Variable. Inscriptions available. No. 2813 No. 2613 No. 2890 No. 2690 No. 2830 No. 2630 Top of Page Home - Contact - Request Information - Site Map Florida Millworks & Church Furniture, Winter Garden, FL 34787 ...
GUEST REGISTERS AND REPOSITORIES Page 2 Registers and Repositories 1-8 9-18 No. 3130-S Register Stand No. 3230-S Repository Stand Available No. 3230-W Wall Repository No. 3130-W Wall Register No. 3330-S Combination (Register/Repository) No. 3330-W Wall Model Available No. 3136 Register Stand No. 323...
ACCESSORIES Cup, Card, and Pencil Holders We offer many accessories to increase the versatility and usefulness of existing products. Kneelers, bookracks, arm rests, and cup, card, and pencil holders can be chosen from to give your pew a different look if wanted. Communion Cup Holders No. 3 No. 2 Env...
GUEST REGISTERS AND REPOSITORIES Page 1 Registers and Repositories 1-8 9-18 No. 3113-S Register Stand No. 3213-S Repository Stand Available No. 3313-S Combination (Register/Repository Stand) No. 3313-W Wall Model Available No. 3113-W Wall Register No. 3213-W Wall Register No. 3150-W Wall Register No...

Company Profile:

Contact: 407-877-7177
Address: 456 Palm Dr.
Ocoee, Florida   34761 , USA
Url: http://www.floridachurchfurniture.com
Fax: 407-877-8427
Year Established: 1986
Annual Sales: Below US$1 Million
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