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(574) 848-7700

503 Maple St., Bristol, Indiana   46507 , USA

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Question: How long do these filters last? Answer: Water quality plays the biggest role in how long your filter will last. Typically under full time use, you should expect to get a years worth of use from the filter. You could get more or less depending on water conditions and usage. ...
Question: What is a prefilter? Answer: Prefilters are designed to remove dirt and sediments from the water. The prefilter is always positioned in the first housing or "in front" of the other cartridges. This is intentionally done to allow the treatment cartridge(s) to fulfill its (their) purpose by ...
Question: How is Hydro Life different from what I am using now? Answer: Like other water filtration systems Hydro Life addresses taste/odor and chlorine reduction. In addition, Hydro Life has the unique capability of controlling the growth of bacteria within our cartridge. Critical to your bottom li...
CONTACT HYDRO LIFE In order for us to respond to your request, we ask that you fill in the fields that are marked in RED. The form will not be sent to us if these fields are left blank. Please be as specific as possible when entering your comments as this will help us in responding to you. Email: Na...
Question: What does Hydro Life do differently to address lime/scale? Answer: Under normal circumstances Hydro Life takes away the ability of lime/scale to stick to surfaces it comes in contact with. In severe cases lime/scale is reduced by as much as 50% or more. The lime/scale that remains can usua...

Company Profile:

Contact: 574-848-7700
Address: 503 Maple St.
Bristol, Indiana   46507 , USA
Url: http://www.hydrolife.com
Fax: 574-848-1400
Year Established: 1988
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