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(903) 877-4336

16427 Cty. Rd. 384, Tyler, Texas   75708 , USA

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Products & Services:

  • Welding
  • Coil Processing
  • Weld Fixtures

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Equipment Specialty Weld Fixtures & Accessories For other industries, Kentex can create custom solutions by application of our proven technology utilized in other standard products... systems such as side beam carriages. In applicable situations, robotic welding combined with custom weld fixtures can be supplied. Kentex is an authorized Lincoln Electric and Fanuc... who designs and manufactures the weld fixtures required to maximize robotic welding production, provides on site equipment installation, provides operator training and creates...
and custom designed weld fixtures as a single responsibility vendor. Sometimes, Kentex can provide hard automation which is more applicable, productive and cost effective than robotics... fixtures for pre-engineered steel building manufacturing typically use the submerged arc welding process. Custom fixtures, designed for various welding automation needs..., will incorporate the most appropriate welding process. Custom fixtures typically include many standard product items, eliminating the risk associated with custom solutions. Kentex coil...
leveling bolts and holes for concrete expansion anchors. The fixture is approximately 32 inches wide x 60 inches deep front to back. The flange welder is designed to single side... splice weld flanges up to 16 inches wide and 1 inches thick. Two flange clamps are fabricated from a heavy bar. The clamps are moved by pneumatic force. Round rods hold the clamp bar... are manually located over the copper backer bar. Pneumatic force raises and lowers the backer bar to contact the underside of the flanges being welded. The backer includes a groove...
ampere power sources, analog or digital controls and single or Twin Wire nozzles can be included. Read more about the 72-12. 84-16 Submerged Arc Fixed Welder Each weld head operates... individually. A proprietary weld head guidance system includes adjustable vertical and horizontal pressure and allows rotation for accurate weld joint placement. Welding can... base includes leveling bolts & holes for concrete expansion anchors. The fixture is approximately 32 inches wide x 60 inches deep front to back. Read more about the Flange Splice Welder. Home | Coil Processing | Beam Welding | Accessories | About Us | Contact Us ...

Company Profile:

Contact: 903-877-4336
Address: 16427 Cty. Rd. 384
Tyler, Texas   75708 , USA
Url: http://www.gokentex.com
Fax: 903-877-4509
Year Established: 1985
Annual Sales: US$1 Million - US$2.5 Million
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