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(828) 253-6796

224 Mulvaney St. Asheville, North Carolina   28803 , USA

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General Info:

carolina knife offers the highest quality circular and straight blades, industrial knives, and industrial blades on the market. our industrial steel and carbide blades and knives are made from the highest quality steel and carbide available. we manufacture blades and knives for score slitting, crush slitting, shear slitting, rotary slitting, burst slitting, guillotines, shears, and serrated blade and knife. custom blades and knives available. knife sharpening, blade sharpening and knife reshapening of any industrial, film, paper, or foil conversion, textile knives, rubber and tire knives and specialty blades available. specialty items include carbide tipped blades and hot cut blades and assembly. we manufacture the following: paper trimmer, paper trimmers, guillotine cutters, shear blades, paper knives, paper knife, guillotine blades, sheeters, circular blades, slitter blades, and slitter knives. visit www.cknife.com to learn more about our blades and knives.

Products & Services:

  • Industrial Knives
  • Industrial Blades
  • Knife Sharpening
  • Blade Sharpening
  • Carbide Blades
  • Carbide Tipped Blades
  • Paper Trimmer
  • Guillotine Cutters
  • Shear Blades
  • Paper Knives
  • Guillotine Blades
  • Sheeters
  • Slitters
  • Circular Blades
  • Slitter Blades
  • Slitter Knives

Web Site Results

Cut Type... Core Score Shear Split Bottom Knife - (SK94-101) Blade Shape: Position: Cut Type: Slitter Bottom Shear Bottom Knife - (SK94-115) Blade Shape: Position: Cut Type...: Slitter Bottom Shear Carbide Tipped Bottom Slitter - (SK96-989) Blade Shape: Position: Cut Type: Slitter Top Core Core Cutter - (SK98-423) Blade Shape: Position: Cut Type: Slitter Top... Core Dish Slitter - (SK98-345) Blade Shape: Position: Cut Type: Slitter Top Shear Dish Slitter - (SK94-100) Blade Shape: Position: Cut Type: Slitter Top Shear L Knife - (SK94-102...
Carbide Tipped Bottom Slitter
manufacture can be classified into two shape categories: circular and straight. Our straight blade category contains traditional straight blades such as guillotines and shear blades as well... as other non-circular shapes such as mill knives, granulators, pelletizes and much more. Our circular blade section contains pages on rotary shear, score slitting, and core burst... cutting blades. To learn more please select a shape: Blades by Cut Type Rotary Shear Blades Score Slitter Blades Core Burst Slitters Guillotine Blades Mill Knives Sheeter Knives...
Paper Trimmer Paper Slitters Roll Slitters Rotary Blades Rotary Cutters Rotary Paper Trimmer Through-Hardened Sleeve Hardened Roll Mill Knives Top Slitter Bottom Slitter Shear... Blades Shear Slitter Sheet Slitters Slitter Blades Slitter Knives Top Knife Bottom Knife Multi-groove Bottom Slitter Score Slitter Steel Cutters Steel-Cutting Blades Steel Slitters...Top Slitter Top Slitter Enlarge Photo Having a good top slitter is essential to professional-quality shear slitting in any of the conversion industries. Top slitters...
Diagram Diagram Search: Blade Shape... Slitter Straight Position... Bottom Sleeve Top Cut Type... Core Score Shear Split Carolina Knife Company, 224 Mulvaney Street, Asheville, NC 28803... Copyright Carolina Knife Company 2013 | Site Map | Related Links Blade Manufacturers | Slitter Blades | Machine Blades | Top SlitterCall Today: 1-800-520-5030. ...

Company Profile:

Contact: 828-253-6796
Address: 224 Mulvaney St.
Asheville, North Carolina   28803 , USA
Url: http://www.cknife.com
Fax: 828-258-0693
Year Established: 1977
Annual Sales: US$2.5 Million - US$5 Million
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