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(207) 856-2993

16 Sanford Dr., Gorham Industrial Park, Gorham, Maine   04038 , USA

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General Info:

chem quest - formulators & manufacturers of professional cleaning products.

Products & Services:

  • Environmentally Safe Cleaning Products
  • Multi-purpose Cleaning Products
  • Formulators
  • Manufacturers
  • Chem Quest

Web Site Results

Contact Chem Quest Chem Quest, Inc. 16 Sanford Drive Gorham, Maine 04038 207.856.2993 Phone 207.854.8342 Fax contact@chem-quest.com If you have any questions concerning our products or how best to use them please submit the form below: Name: email: Question: ...
Chem Quest - Formulators & Manufacturers of Professional Cleaning Products. We are devoted to formulating and manufacturing environmentally friendly, non-toxic cleaners... that comes from making you a Chem Quest customer for life. Anyone can talk about how good his or her products are, let the product do the talking and you be the judge. ...
for, added water to make the price cheap or good honest concentrated Incredible Pink? You get what you pay for and the truth lies in the Chem Quest line. Diluters go home!! Steve..... Everyone loves your products. THANKS CHEM QUEST! Paul Forman We had a stain in a bath tub that we tried everything you can imagine on. Nothing we tried removed the stain. I... for "ring around the collar", and all types of spots. Using Chem Quest products is safe for my septic system, very cost effective, and has eliminated having so many different types...
Chem Quest Cleaning Guide Disclaimer. The following are recommendations only; check manufacturers recommendations and warranties before cleaning any materials. Automobile Tires... Chem Quest manufactures two materials that are perfect for cleaning tires. Our Incredible Pink is a no touch approach to cleaning tires. Spray Incredible Pink full strength on your... dressing to your steering wheel. If you should happen to get some on your windshield while applying, simply remove it with glass cleaner. Sap / Pitch removal Chem Quest...

Company Profile:

Contact: 207-856-2993
Address: 16 Sanford Dr., Gorham Industrial Park
Gorham, Maine   04038 , USA
Url: http://www.chem-quest.com
Fax: 207-854-8342
Year Established: 1993
Annual Sales: Below US$1 Million
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