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(508) 238-7941

27 Belmont St., South Easton, Massachusetts   02375 , USA

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IBC is a leader in the high volume production of oscillated narrow gauge copper strip. IBC's proprietary rolling process is the most efficient in this industry segment. Our continuous traverse-wound coils provide up to 4500 lbs (100,000 ft) of continuous strip length with no welds. The end product i...
Maximize your finning productivity with IBC's high capacity oscillated coils of continuous, no-weld aluminum fin stock and copper fin stock. Oscillated coils are wound like a spool of thread and offer seven to ten times more fin stock per coil than conventional slit pancake coils. Finning machine up...
Straight Snap-in Connector For 3/8" Flexible Conduit IBC's cost effective and time saving 3/8" straight connector screws onto 3/8" flexible conduit and snaps into a standard 7/8" knock-out hole. The connector design includes a built-in anti-short (no plastic anti-short necessary) and assembles quick...
IBC manufactures connectors for flexible conduit. These very cost-effective connectors are designed for easy and quick installation. Straight Snap-in Connector For 5/16" Flexible Conduit Straight Snap-in Connector For 3/8" Flexible Conduit 90 Degree Snap-in Connector For 3/8" Flexible Conduit ...
Since 1965, IBC has been manufacturing flat wire, flexible aluminum conduit, and connectors. Our success in these product lines is due to our innovative technical abilities, high quality standards, and exceptional customer service. ISO 9001:2008 - Registration # 10-1092 Products: Flat wire, Aluminum...

Company Profile:

Contact: 508-238-7941
Address: 27 Belmont St.
South Easton, Massachusetts   02375 , USA
Url: http://www.ibcwire.com
Fax: 508-238-2109
Year Established: 1949
Annual Sales: Below US$1 Million
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