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(248) 362-0960

1885 Thunderbird Dr., Troy, Michigan   48084 , USA

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/ Catalog / Dryers TD Series Thermal-D dryers for plastic material processors. Item 4 of 4 Additional Information TD Series Specs Additional Images PROTEK Dryer Controls and Model TD-2000 Thermal-D dryers for plastic material processors. Thoreson McCosh has been a leader in providing low-maintenance...
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/ Catalog / Material Loading Guardian Lightweight portable vacuum pump unit Item 6 of 6 GUARDIAN BROCHURE (PDF) Thru put capacities from 200 to 1500 pounds per hour Whisper quiet and efficient operation Easy to use digital microprocessor controller Single point fines collection system Enclosed singl...
/ Catalog / Material Loading Material Management Systems Item 1 of 6 Additional Information Management Systems Diagram Customized Material Management Systems The key word in material management systems is experience. Since 1947, Thoreson McCosh has been the leader in material handling. Our goal is t...
Back to TD Series TD Series Models Capacities CFM*/CMH** through Drying HopperDrying rate under worst conditions lbs-kg/hrDryer dimensions in/cm W x L x HRecommended Hopper capacity lbs/kg TD-12PHOTO12 CFM20 CMH12 lbs/hr5.4 kg/hr16 x 22 x 51.540.6 x 55.9 x 120.648 lbs21.8 kg TD-2424 CFM40 CMHK24 lbs...
/ Catalog Dryers DVL Series Accurate and Dependable Material Loading and Drying in One Portable Unit H Series Hot Air Drying And Preconditioning Systems for Non-Hygroscopic Plastic Materials Multi Hopper TD Series Thermal-D dryers for plastic material processors. Thoreson McCosh, 1885 Thunderbird, T...

Company Profile:

Contact: 248-362-0960
Address: 1885 Thunderbird Dr.
Troy, Michigan   48084 , USA
Url: http://www.thoresonmccosh.com
Fax: 248-362-5270
Year Established: 1947
Annual Sales: Below US$1 Million
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