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(916) 383-2811

7268 Frasinetti Rd. Sacramento, California   95828 , USA

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Norman K. Frater www.normanfrater.com "The Drover" IMCO Sculpture Mix (type 513) fired to Cone 10 oxidation with iron oxide stain; leather; cold patina washes added after firing; 24.5"h x 14"w x 10.5"d 36 lbs Alder base This Web Page Created with PageBreeze Free HTML Editor ...
Manufacturer of fine clay bodies for the ceramic professional and hobbyist. A quality line of ceramic clay products is provided to resellers, institutions, manufactures and sold retail. IMCO is located in Sacramento, California; a major air, sea, rail and truck hub for the Western US and Pacific Rim...
Paper Clays Ivory P'ClayTM Ivory is IMCO's sculpture clay body with paper fiber added to produce a light weight clay with incredible green strength. Ivory PClay allows the sculptor to attach dry to dry, wet to dry, and even wet to bisque. In some instances, the green strength of the piece is so high...
HIGH FIRE CLAYS 8-11 Buff 35 8-11 Buff 412 is a premium wheel clay formulated with IMCO ball and kaolin clays plus a select 35 mesh grog. 8-11 Buff 412 has excellent plasticity and green strength. Very good drying characteristics and maximum resistance to thermal shock helps insure a higher than ave...
Terra cotta pots by Pottery Manufacturing using Tijuana Red at cone 06. www:potterymfg@earthlink.net ...

Company Profile:

Contact: 916-383-2811
Address: 7268 Frasinetti Rd.
Sacramento, California   95828 , USA
Url: http://www.clayimco.com
Fax: 916-383-8741
Year Established: 1967
Annual Sales: US$2.5 Million - US$5 Million
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