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(510) 522-0110

1417 Park St., Alameda, California   94501 , USA

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Order your wedding cake: (510) 433-0110 Call now: (510) 433-0110 orders@bonierebakery.com 3249 Grand Avenue, Oakland, CA 94610 (510) 433-0110 orders@bonierebakery.com Established in 1876 as a local dry goods store with a bakery, it eventually turned its efforts to becoming a full time, old world Eur...
Order your wedding cake: (510) 433-0110 Why Are Logo & Branding Cookies Such A Fantastic Idea? As business managers and owners we are always looking for that Innovative Marketing Strategy, that more-bang-for-the-buck Advertising campaign, that stand-out-in-the-crowd Promotion tool, o...
Order your wedding cake: (510) 433-0110 DECORATED CAKES You can enjoy our moist flavorful cakes right from the store case or you can order a custom cake that will be a hit at your next party. We can make you a beautifully decorated cake for your wedding, birthday, baby shower, anniversary, holiday o...
Order your wedding cake: (510) 433-0110 WEDDING CAKES Whether you choose a modern, contemporary or traditional wedding cake design it should be as unique and special as the bride and groom and as spectacular as your wedding day. Boniere Bakery s wedding cake planner and Executive Chef are here to ...

Company Profile:

Contact: 510-522-0110
Address: 1417 Park St.
Alameda, California   94501 , USA
Url: http://www.bonierebakery.com
Fax: 510-522-2047
Year Established: 1900
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