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(303) 698-9988

287 S. Santa Fe Dr., Denver, Colorado   80223 , USA

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General Info:

metal expansion joints, flexible connectors, sanitary process hose, rubber flex connectors and pipe guides for use in commercial hvac and industrial applications

Products & Services:

  • Metal Flexible Connector
  • Rubber
  • Double Sphere
  • Twin Single Expansion Joints
  • Bellows
  • Sanitary Braid
  • Pipe Vibration Isolator
  • Process Food Grade Silicone Homogenizer
  • Transfer
  • Teflon
  • Milk
  • Compensators
  • Dairy
  • Sanitary

Web Site Results

Rubber Connectors & Expansion... Thermo Tech, Inc. quality piping expansion, movement, and vibration Problem Solvers are in service in power plants, industrial facilities...@thermotechdenver.com Technical Assistance: bens@thermotechdenver.com Rubber Connectors Silicone Lined Connectors Expansion Joints Expansion Compensators Flexible Metal Connectors & Hoses Rubber...
Flexible Metal Connectors & Hoses Rubber Connectors & Expansion Joints Teflon Connectors & Flexible Hoses DOWNLOAD PDF SPEC SHEET Model 4231 Single Arch Polyester Reinforced...-extension of the connector due to system pressure thrust. Spool type arch connectors are molded with a full face rubber flange and furnished with steel flange back-up retaining rings... and separately packed, field-installed control rod sets. They are available with a soft rubber arch filler to prevent the collection of solids in the arch, but this arch filler...
PolicySitemap Flexible Connectors| Sanitary Hoses| Metal Expansion Joints| Rubber Expansion Joints| Food Grade Joints ...
Connectors Copper Sweat Connectors Heat Pump / Coil Hoses Anchoring and Guiding Rubber Connectors & Expansion Joints Rubber Connectors Teflon Connectors & Flexible Hoses Teflon...
Compensators Flexible Metal Connectors & Hoses Rubber Connectors & Expansion Joints Teflon Connectors & Flexible Hoses Threaded Male NPT Ends Female Copper Sweat Ends Flanged Ends...

Company Profile:

Contact: 303-698-9988
Address: 287 S. Santa Fe Dr.
Denver, Colorado   80223 , USA
Url: http://www.thermotechdenver.com
Fax: 303-698-2184
Year Established: 1953
Annual Sales: US$1 Million - US$2.5 Million
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