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(303) 449-8000

2005 10th St., Boulder, Colorado   80302 , USA

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Level Switches Operating Principle These switches operate under the float principle. Float, Displacer, RF or Vibration Type Applications: Water, oil, caustic, LPG, any liquid. Fluids: Liquid Density Range: 0.6 S.G. minimum Pressure: Max 1500 psi Temperature: -13 to 932 F Capacity: Maximum 0.5 to 15A...
System Solutions Proving and Calibration Proving and calibration systems for flowmeters and volumetric meters for liquids. Volumetric and gravimetric working standards for individual measuring points. Engineering and supply of test rigs. Loading and Batching System solutions for loading and batching...
Thermal Switches Operating Principle A small immersed area is heated to a temperature above the flowing medium which in turn is cooled by the flowing medium. The temperature differential across two sensing elements is proportional to the mass flow of the fluid. Thermal Type Applications: Liquids, pa...
Water Meters Operating Principle A single-jet paddle wheel is positioned within a flow stream. The impeller is offset by this flow inducing rotation. The rotational velocity of the blades is proportional to the fluid velocity. Spectrum Series Applications: Portable Water, Waste Water. High accuracy ...
Buoyancy Operating Principle Archimede's principle -- A body immersed in liquid is buoyed by a force equal to the weight of the displaced liquid. The stationary displacer changes its apparent weight as the level in the tank changes. This change in weight is directly proportional to the change in the...

Company Profile:

Contact: 303-449-8000
Address: 2005 10th St.
Boulder, Colorado   80302 , USA
Url: http://www.metrontechnology.com
Fax: 303-443-0949
Year Established: 1990
Annual Sales: US$2.5 Million - US$5 Million
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