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(406) 257-5090

1960 Helena Flats Rd., Kalispell, Montana   59901 , USA

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Our corporate commitment to the environment dates back over 30 years. It begins with our sources of supply. Sources of raw materials for firewood can be monitored only by starting with logs or orchard wood, so thats the only source material in our manufacturing operations. Limiting ourselves to only...
Hot Wood
HotWood, Inc. has over 30 years experience supplying major retailers with high quality packaged firewood products. HotWood, Inc. is committed on a year around basis to produce the volume needed to supply large quantities of product during the heaviest of seasons. HotWood, Inc. operates its own facil...
Hot Wood Volume and Labeling
As the packaged firewood business has grown over the past thirty years, measurement and labeling standards have begun to attract more regulatory scrutiny. It is no longer just a matter of "throwing wood into a package". Federal labeling standards enacted in 1992 under the "Fair Packaging and Labelin...
Hot Wood and Harry Belletto
Throughout the Western U.S., HotWood is recognized as the leading natural packaged firewood brand for its quality and environmental friendliness. This commitment, combined with print and other media promotion, has grown distribution of HotWood branded products to several million packages annually. I...
Hot Wood Firewood Bag
Bundled & Bagged Firewood Firewood Bundle (Southwest) Firewood Bundle (Northwest) Firewood Bundle (Northern California) Hardwood Bundle Firewood Bag ...

Company Profile:

Contact: 406-257-5090
Address: 1960 Helena Flats Rd.
Kalispell, Montana   59901 , USA
Url: http://www.hotwood.com
Fax: 406-257-5141
Year Established: 1991
Annual Sales: US$1 Million - US$2.5 Million
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