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(801) 373-8673

534 S. 100 W., Provo, Utah   84601 , USA

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Specialty Candy MAGNOLIAS Also known as Perfume Candies, Magnolias were the forerunner of breath mints. They come in assorted floral flavors and have a liquid center. White - Carnation, Pink - Rose, Orange - Jasmine, Yellow - Cashou, Green - Pear Blossom, Blue & Purple - Violet. The artwork on t...
Timeline, 1800 to present
Company History 5 Generations of Ownership William William Daw Walt Harry Walter Jon Copyright | Startup Candy Company | 2011 ...
html> Generation History William Startup (1824, England-1862, England) > Made American Cough Candy Harry Walter Startup Jr. (1918, Provo - 2008, Provo) > Fought in WWII in Europe (1942 - 1945) > Continued Making Candy in the Startup Tradition for 60+ years Willam Daw Startup (1846, England - 1878, P...
Complete History
Complete History The history of candy began when sweets were first produced by physicians and apothecaries to hide the taste of medicine. It was in England that candy making really began to rise in the early first half of the nineteenth century. An international confectionery exhibition was held in ...
Ordering Ordering Options: To order, please call us toll-free or fax us at the following numbers: Toll-Free Phone Number: 866-223-3330 Fax: 801-373-7312 Email: startupcandy@gmail.com Do not include credit card information via e-mail or fax. Please include a telelphone number where we can best contac...

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Contact: 801-373-8673
Address: 534 S. 100 W.
Provo, Utah   84601 , USA
Url: http://www.startupcandy.com
Fax: 801-373-7312
Year Established: 1870
Annual Sales: Below US$1 Million
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