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(731) 586-2100

107 Allen St., Bruceton, Tennessee   38317 , USA

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General Info:

products america is the largest supplier of crib, cradle and highchair hardware parts. baby crib hardware for builders and replacement.

Products & Services:

  • Crib
  • Baby Crib
  • Crib Hardware
  • Cradle
  • Highchair
  • Hardware
  • Screws
  • Replacement Hardware
  • Juvenile Furniture Hardware
  • Infant Furniture
  • Parts
  • Crib Parts
  • Baby Bed Parts
  • Baby Bed Hardware
  • Screws And Springs
  • Metal Parts
  • Baby Bed Parts
  • Building Supplies
  • Diy Projects

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Metal Hardware Crib Example Crib Rod Mattress Spring Stabilizing Bar Stabilizing Bar Rod Angle Bumper Spring Teething Rail Spring Handle Handle Bracket Insert or Gate Shoe Metal Hardware Crib Example GO BACK ...
Crib Rod Measurements Not sure which crib rod your crib will need? Follow these steps: 1. Match any of the original rod/s (if available) with our photos. Note: look at the top... of the rod to determine if your rod type is offset top, square top or candy cane top. 2. Call Products America when you are with the crib at 800.205.9642 or 800.772.1041. Our CSR... staff is comprised of hardware experts, who will ask you specific questions about your crib in order to determine the correct replacement hardware needed. We may also ask you...
Info Text Search Crib Hardware Main Customer Service PRODUCTS AMERICA CRIB RODS SAFETY ALERT Candycane Crib Rods This rod is commonly known as the candy cane style crib rod due... that was present between the round of the candy cane rod and the wood of the headboard or footboard of the crib. This airspace resulted in the safety concern of small fingers... safeguarding against the potential problems associated with the airspace of the candy cane rod. If your crib has the candy cane rods we strongly suggest replacing them with the CR709...
PH40 Plastic Hardware Crib Example Mattress Spring or GO BACK Teething Rail Plastic Hardware Crib Example Flex Knee Release Bumper Upper Guide Spring Handle Handle Bracket Insert Lower Guide Lower Track Upper Track PH40 Component Location Guide Printable Document ...
rod support angles
rod support angles for baby cribs 107 Allen Street Bruceton, TN 38317 800.205.9642 731.586.2100 Contact Us About This Site Safety Info Visual Index Cradle, Highchair, etc FAQ s... Kits Ordering Info DIY Info Text Search Crib Hardware Main Customer Service PRODUCTS AMERICA METAL ROD SUPPORT ANGLES RS713 Our standard lower rod support angle. This angle serves... as a bottom guide for the crib rods as well as the lower stop when the moving side is dropped into it s lower position. This angle is often thought of in the fastener category...

Company Profile:

Contact: 731-586-2100
Address: 107 Allen St.
Bruceton, Tennessee   38317 , USA
Url: http://www.productsamerica.com
Fax: 731-586-4747
Year Established: 1990
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