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(419) 684-7400

5412 Homegardner Rd., Castalia, Ohio   44824 , USA

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GPS 3 wet grinding machine WIDE belt WET Grinding machine for finishing operations on tubes or bars with square and rectangular section or metal sheets and plates made of stainless steel, iron, aluminum, brass and other metals. Particularly suitable for DEBURRING on laser cut or sheared sheets. This...
Horizontal Shot blasting systems for steel plates and structural steel sections. Motorized roller conveyors with shot blasting from both top and bottom. Optional: Positive brush and blow off system Pretreatment lines Pre-heating of parts Automatic painting line Model Inlet Size L x H, mm # of Wheels...
tube notching machine tube coping machine tube notcher
Model NOK tube notching machine Part samples from Tube Notching Machine The Garboli Model NOK tube notching machine: A tube notching machine for notching and shaping the ends of tubes and pipe. Bars, square tube, pipe and similar shapes can be notches or shaped on the ends with this notching machine...
Tumbling, rotary shot blasting machine with rubber conveyor belt. Rotary shot blast machine with centrifugal projection of shot, having a very high efficiency. Suitable for shot blasting of medium size pieces in cast-iron, steel, bronze, etc. Foundation not required. With automatic hydraulic loader....
Sawyer and Smith Corporation offers a wide range of equipment for support of your foundry processes. As opposed to being just a "sales office", we are dedicated to the installation, service and support of the equipment we sell, as well as equipment from others. Starting out in 1990, we began as a ma...

Company Profile:

Contact: 419-684-7400
Address: 5412 Homegardner Rd.
Castalia, Ohio   44824 , USA
Url: http://www.sawyerandsmith.com
Fax: 419-684-7105
Year Established: 1989
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