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(952) 934-7004

8005 Island Rd., Eden Prairie, Minnesota   55347 , USA

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Radio InterferenceThe Motor Controller, Motor, and other on board electronics will often interfere with or reduce the quality of radio stations. The Radio must be isolated from the chassis of the vehicle in order to meet industry safety standards and prevent 12 from being connected to the chassis of...
Non-isolated DC/DC Converters are the lowest cost method to draw 12 V power off the entire pack and maximize not only the life of the batteries, but also the range of the vehicle. Some battery manufactures will not warranty batteries for early failure unless 12 V loads are powered by a true DC/DC co...
INFO@SPSELECTRONICS.COM DC/DC Converters are sometimes called Reducers or Limiters, but they are a distinctly different product. Reducers/Limiters work across two 8 Volt batteries to produce approximately 12 VDC. A true DC/DC converter works across the entire pack and draws energy equally from all t...
There are two basic types of DC/DC Converter.A Non-Isolated Converter is the lowest cost approach. The major characteristic is that one lead is common with the battery pack. The SPS Non-Isolated converter has the +12 V and the B+ (48 or 36 VDC) leads common. The Converter develops 36 VDC on the outp...
VOLTAGE REDUCERSVOLTAGE LIMITERS Voltage Reducers and Voltage Limiters are two terms with the same meaning. They are used in conjunction with two 8 volt batteries to reduce the voltage from 16 VDC nominal to approximately 13 VDC. This allows two 8 V batteries to power 12 V loads without applying ove...

Company Profile:

Contact: 952-934-7004
Address: 8005 Island Rd.
Eden Prairie, Minnesota   55347 , USA
Url: http://www.spselectronics.com
Fax: 952-934-8882
Year Established: 1999
Annual Sales: Below US$1 Million
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