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(503) 368-7099

13015 Hwy. 101, Nehalem, Oregon   97131 , USA

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General Info:

tools and training for wild fire, forest fire and fire storm prevention and control - land management. wildfire mitigators.

Products & Services:

  • Fire
  • Forest Fire
  • Wild Fire
  • Wildfire
  • Fire Storms
  • Fire Prevention
  • Forest Fire Prevention
  • Fire Control
  • Forest Fire Control
  • Fire Storm Control
  • Fire Storm Prevention
  • Land Management
  • Wildfire Mitigators
  • Fire Management
  • Fire Management Plans
  • Fire Management Education

Web Site Results

Fire Management Plans and Education MORE WILDFIRE TOOL INFORMATION USE OF TRADITIONAL TOOLS SHOULD BE DISCOURAGED. They resign users to dangerous and horrible positions of use... They limit real versatility for present day options and fire chores. Most fixed tools do not aid in cross country travel and cost too much to use in terms of high labor and support... . . . great turn of the century fire tool before each crew had a chainsaw. It's life is about two weeks on a campaign fire. It has a 3" grub-hoe, and a 34" handle. Vision...

Company Profile:

Contact: 503-368-7099
Address: 13015 Hwy. 101
Nehalem, Oregon   97131 , USA
Url: http://www.wildfiretools.com
Fax: 503-368-7099
Year Established: 1994
Annual Sales: Below US$1 Million
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