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(509) 535-9925

3310 E. Trent Ave. Spokane, Washington   99202 , USA

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exactrix produces top yields with the safest, most advanced pressure increasing direct injection nh3 system.

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Patents Granted and Pending Atom Jet Click on images to enlarge 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 Exactrix Products How Exactrix Works Product Application E-Mail Home ExactrixTM Global Systems LLC 4501 East Trent Ave. Spokane, WA 99212 (509) 535.9925 fax(509) 535.9989 ...
Quote/Equipment Info Return to Main Page Exactrix Products Exactrix Agronomy Guide Single Disc Openers Producer's Comments Archives Get A Quote E-Mail Trade Shows Contact Info Let's get specific... Complete this form and submit it to us to get a dialog started about what Exactrix can do for you! Or,...
Phosphate efficiency may limit yields in small grains. Return Home Phosphate efficiency may limit yields in small grains. Dark Northern Spring Wheat consumes twice as much placed P as winter wheat per bushel produced. DNSW is also the highest user of placed P compared to all other cereal grains. Cal...
KINZE NH3 PLANTER Home Beatrlce,NE. Steve Wiese of southeastern Nebraska modified his turntable, 16 row, Kinze planter to the Exactrix 2KA system. Steve also added a second starter fertilizer system for seed row P. A Big John Computrol planter and seed drop control system displays the seed drop patt...
Steve Peterson - Wheatfield, Indiana Click here for white paper November 17, 04, The Value Of More Uniform Nitrogen NH3 Application. Guy Swanson, Author, Steve Peterson Indiana Producer. Factors that affect the rate and type of nitrogen recommended by an agronomist for a corn crop. 1. Yield Goal 2. ...

Company Profile:

Contact: 509-535-9925
Address: 3310 E. Trent Ave.
Spokane, Washington   99202 , USA
Url: http://www.exactrix.com
Fax: 509-535-9989
Year Established: 1978
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