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(206) 764-0940

125 S. Kenyon St., Seattle, Washington   98108 , USA

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General Info:

sunfresh foods official home page. a northwest favorite now available to all 50 states and around the world.

Products & Services:

  • Freezer Jam
  • Jams
  • Preserves
  • Natural
  • Strawberry Jam
  • Fresh Taste
  • Fresh Jam
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Web Site Results

Storage & HandlingFreezerves are an all natural uncooked fresh fruit product. Unlike conventional jams that are boiled and lose most of their natural flavor and nutrients, Freezerves... the manufacturing process the jam is well combined so there is no need to stir it. If you do stir, it will break down the natural pectin we use and the jam will become syrupy. Not to worry, you...
Sunfresh Foods
are an all natural freezer jam created by the Sunfresh Foods company. We coined the term because nothing else seemed to fit our special product. We produce seven flavor varieties which you... process destroys the flavor, freshness, and nutritional value in these products. Our products are carefully combined from natural ingredients well below boiling (often at or near room...
Reviews Our Guarantee About Us Contact Us Recipes Baking & Cooking Drinks Dessert Recipes Search: Freezerves Freezerves are an all natural freezer jam created by the Sunfresh Foods...
Sunfresh Fresh Fruit Strawberry Margarita
are all natural, never cooked, and fat free. This makes them a great mixing ingredient for delicious cocktails and non-alcoholic favorites as shown below. Sunfresh Strawberry...
, and through a special process we make them into jams that are never boiled and never loose that great natural flavor.Order any 6 available jam flavors: Apricot - Apricot Orange-Marmalade...

Company Profile:

Contact: 206-764-0940
Address: 125 S. Kenyon St.
Seattle, Washington   98108 , USA
Url: http://www.sunfreshjams.com
Fax: 206-764-0960
Year Established: 1986
Annual Sales: US$1 Million - US$2.5 Million
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