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(360) 579-8578

3545 Quad Rd., Clinton, Washington   98236 , USA

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General Info:

exclusive n. american distributor of chofu hot tub heaters, wood fired and propane, thermosiphon, non-electric, use with any tub, stock tank kits, whlsale & retail, non-toxic sterilizing, help for do-it-yourselfers, soaking tub supplies.

Products & Services:

  • Chofu
  • Chofu Heaters
  • Chofu Wood Fired Hot Tub Heater
  • Chofu Woodfired Hot Tub Heater
  • Chofu Wood Fired Hot Tub Heater
  • Chofu Propane Hot Tub Heater
  • Chofu Propane Heater
  • Wood Fired Hot Tub Heater
  • Woodfired Hot Tub Heater
  • Wood Fired Hot Tub Heater
  • Wood Fired Heater
  • Woodfired Heater
  • Wood Fired Heater
  • Wood Fired Hot Tub Stove
  • Woodfired Hot Tub Stove
  • Wood Fired Hot Tub Stove
  • Wood Fired Hot Tub
  • Woodfired Hot Tub
  • Wood Fired Hot Tub
  • Wood Burning Hot Tub Heater
  • Wood-burning Hot Tub Heater
  • Wood Burning Hot Tub
  • Hot Tub Heaters
  • Hot Tubs
  • Ofuro
  • Furo
  • Japanese Ofuro
  • Japanese Furo
  • Japanese Hot Tubs
  • Japanese Soaking Tubs
  • Soaking Tub
  • Stock Tanks
  • Metal Stock Tanks
  • Plastic Stock Tanks
  • Wooden Hot Tubs
  • Wooden Tubs
  • Rubbermaid Stock Tanks
  • Thermosiphon
  • Cabins
  • Vacation Homes
  • Cabin Supplies
  • Vacation Home Supplies
  • Propane Heaters
  • Propane Hot Tub Heaters
  • Snorkel
  • Snorkel Stove
  • Snorkel Hot Tubs

Web Site Results

, your source for outdoor soaking tub supplies. We ll show you how to make a big change in your quality of life for minimal expense; using a Chofu Hot Tub Heater and a low-cost tub you... purchase yourself. Since 1985, Island Hot Tub has provided quality products and accessories for traditional soaking tubs, both wholesale and retail. We are the exclusive North... American distributor of Chofu Wood-Fired and Propane Hot Tub Heaters, precision-built in Japan by the Chofu Seisakusho Co. and specifically designed for soaking tubs. Until we...
Island Hot Tub Company...Non-Toxic Sanitizing Non-Toxic Sanitizing With a soaking tub, as in anything, cleanliness is next to Godliness, and how you choose to deal... with sanitization has a far-reaching affect on the overall satisfaction youll receive from your soaking tub. Using harmful chemicals such as chlorine or bromine are contrary to the very purpose... of a soaking tub, because they undermine the natural and healthy quality of the experience. At Island Hot Tub Company, we recommend an easy and effective method of maintaining...
Island Hot Tub Company...Stock Tanks Stock Tanks Used for Soaking Tubs A lot of folks have discovered how easy it is to create a soaking tub using a common (but very functional...) agricultural stock tank. Combined with an efficient Chofu heater, these low-cost steel or plastic tubs (available from most farm-supply stores) make wonderful soaking tubs. They... of a soaking tub, rather than a high-maintenance spa. For those who have longed for, but could never find, a simple, low cost soaking tub, this is it. And please understand...
. This revolutionary concept enables you to have a simple soaking tub without jets, chemicals, etc. With a Chofu Heater you can retrofit an existing tub or put together your own low...-cost soaking tub, using a wooden tub or stock tank. The Chofu Propane Heater greatly reduces hot tub maintenance, since it has no moving parts and requires no electricity. It s...PROPANE HEATER Chofu Propane Water Heater Description The Chofu Propane Heater is a high efficiency water heater designed specifically for hot tubs. Like the Chofu Wood-Fired...

Company Profile:

Contact: 360-579-8578
Address: 3545 Quad Rd.
Clinton, Washington   98236 , USA
Url: http://www.islandhottub.com
Fax: 360-579-8578
Year Established: 1985
Annual Sales: Below US$1 Million
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