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(509) 967-9402

58907 N. 423 Pr N.e., Benton City, Washington   99320 , USA

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Items For Your Re-Enactment Period Encampment: Many of the items in this section are reproductions of articles found in the Oseberg Ship, a Royal Viking burial ship, while several others are of general Norse origin. The rest of these items are of more generic period origin. Cooking Equipment Oseberg...
Decorative Elements Grillwork Celtic Knot Grillwork These were made for a client who desired to have a Celtic theme in the decor of their residence. and so these Celtic Knot inspired grilles were provided. Corner Bracket A set of 4 brackets provide just a touch o' decoration. Fireplace Alcove Cover ...
Fireplace Screens A Self-Standing Fire Screen in a private residence. A Fire Screen with Hinged Doors in a private residence. ...
Artist Bio: Torvald Sorenson Artist Blacksmith Hand-Forged Decorative Ironwork 58907 N 423 PR NE Benton City WA 99320 509-967-9402 www.welandsmithy.com The Passion: Fire, Iron, Coal, Steel. Forge, Anvil, Hammer, Tongs. Fire glows with life. Bellows blow to white hot heat steel hot and yielding. Marv...
Yard Decorations Bird Bath Complete with a leaf diving board for the avian bathers. Patio Tree A bit o' whimsy upon which to hang one's bird feeders and plants. Crane Sculpture This sculpture pivots it's 2 1/2 foot wingspan in the wind, coming or going. ...

Company Profile:

Contact: 509-967-9402
Address: 58907 N. 423 Pr N.e.
Benton City, Washington   99320 , USA
Url: http://www.welandsmithy.com
Year Established: 1984
Annual Sales: Below US$1 Million
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