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(985) 385-0229

221 Glenwood St., Morgan City, Louisiana   70380 , USA

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SET-UP INSTRUCTIONS 1. Seat Section Rear Locking Rail 2. Seat Section Side Rails 3. Shooter/Safety Adjustment Bar 4. ShooterfSafety Bar 5. Lower Seat Rail 6. Hang-Bar Support 7. Hang-Bar 6. Platform Adjustment Bar 9. Platform 10. Waist Safety Belt 11. Shoulder Straps 12. Climbing-Aid Rear Locking Ra...
The Differences Why do we say that Doc's recliner is the ultimate climbing stand? Lets look at a few differences between us and some of the other guys! Everyday we are asked these questions! To understand the comparisons listed below, you should be familiar with Doc's Recliner by reading preceding s...
Testimonials Dear Doc's Deer Stands, Enclosed please find picture of the 30 point deer, that here in my home state of Missouri, I was able to harvest. This was a Non-Typical buck with a Boone and Crocket score of 223. This was accomplished while using one of your deer stands, which I had just recent...
Accessories complement ITEM 2 - Cool Weather Pad This pad lines the sling seat and ties to the Upper and Lower Seat Rails. Body heat is retained because the dense 1/4" foam rubber reflects heat back to the hunter. Once installed, pad stays in place during climbing and backpacking, and is easily remo...
Doc's Recliner provides ultimate comfort for the serious all day hunter. The stand can be set to 15 different levels using our Fail-Safe Rear Locking System. Even if a pin came completely out, the stand would not fail. Doc's Recliner includes a 3" Comfort Cushion covered with water resistant Camo Fr...

Company Profile:

Contact: 985-385-0229
Address: 221 Glenwood St.
Morgan City, Louisiana   70380 , USA
Url: http://www.docsrecliner.com
Fax: 985-385-2394
Year Established: 1995
Annual Sales: Below US$1 Million
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