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(303) 662-8891

7388 S. Revere Dr., Ste. 1001, Centennial, Colorado   80112 , USA

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Products & Services:

  • Battery
  • Traction Battery
  • Hev
  • Ev Battery
  • Power Tool Battery
  • Wheelchair Battery
  • Ups Battery
  • Industrial Battery
  • Nimh

Web Site Results

Batteries Smart Grid and Backup Power Traction batteries Traction batteries are comprised of lead-acid, Li-ion and NiMH based solutions. Lead-acid batteries fulfil... meet the economic requirements. A motorized wheel chair for example can run longer on Nilar s bipolar NiMH battery compared to lead-acid based solutions used today. Given... that the life-time of the equipment is usually longer than the calendar life of a lead-acid battery, replacement of the battery is usually necessary. By implementing Nilar s bipolar NiMH...
NiMH Bipolar Design With over a million hybrid vehicles on the roads today, NiMH has proven to be safe, reliable, and more importantly a stable battery chemistry. Nilar began work... for developing a bipolar NiMH battery but the obstacles associated with this type of chemistry and construction proved for many to be fruitless endeavors. Understanding the problems... of a bipolar NiMH battery, determining the ideal markets to approach based on the battery s performance were identified. One of the major obstacles for developing a bipolar battery...
NiMH battery would effectively solve this problem by withstanding deep discharges, i.e. longer use per charge, without reducing its cycle life. Other applications..., such as industrial cleaning equipment or UPS, would benefit from the loss in weight and volume when implementing Nilar s bipolar NiMH battery. According to Avicenne Energy the traction battery...
of energy associated with a moving heavy vehicle, enable a HEV to meaningfully increase fuel economy. Additionally HEVs offer lower vehicle emissions in already congested areas. NiMH... manufacturer in Sweden in 2007 through what was initially a two year development project. The aim of the project was to evaluate the possibility of using Nilar NiMH bipolar batteries... in hybridization of heavy duty vehicles. As a result fromthe development project, a new project has been initiated with the aim of providing bipolar NiMH battery modules...
innovator and supplier of NiMH bipolar batteries. Since it was founded in 2000 by two of the leading experts from the battery branch, Nilar has always sought to challenge...

Company Profile:

Contact: 303-662-8891
Address: 7388 S. Revere Dr., Ste. 1001
Centennial, Colorado   80112 , USA
Url: http://www.nilar.com
Year Established: 2000
Annual Sales: US$2.5 Million - US$5 Million
Market Sectors: Industrial,Commercial,Governmental
Business Type: Manufacturer
Sales/Service Area: Europe, North America, National, International
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