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(440) 235-0213

7232 Pine Woods Way, Olmsted Falls, Ohio   44138 , USA

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Contacts X-Rockets Launch SystemsMartin Dorociak7232 Pine Woods WayOlmsted Falls, OH 44138Phone: 440-235-0213 Cell: 440-263-7409 e-mail:Roktman@Ameritech.net 2003 Catalog Payment Type X-Rockets accepts money orders, and Pay Pal.      Dealers & PartnersDoug Pra...
New Ignition Technique - Breathe Right Nasal Strips! Breathe Right srtip on ignition wire In the never ending quest to perfect ignition of HyperTek Hybrids, Marty D. has found yet another interresting technique - using a Breathe Right nasal strip on the ignition wire end! What's good for the old nos...
GemiNOS cluster HyperTek flies on 2 x I-260's to 1,812' at GLRMRV ! GemiNOS's HyperTek I-260's GemiNOS took to the sky at GLRMRV (Great Lakes Regional Meets Revisited Five) at the Tri City Skybusters' Amherst, OHIO field for a fantastic flight to 1,812'. To see and HEAR what two HyperTek Hybrid moto...
Launch Rails Direct shipping from 80/20 X-Rockets has an exclusive partnership with 80/20 who has our designs and parts list on file for each Rail Kit. When you orderfrom X-Rockets, the kits are cut, machined, and sent directly to you! X-Rockets stocks the stainless steel pipe & rods that are sh...

Company Profile:

Contact: 440-235-0213
Address: 7232 Pine Woods Way
Olmsted Falls, Ohio   44138 , USA
Url: http://www.x-rockets.com
Year Established: 2002
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