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(502) 245-1977

12700 Shelbyville Rd. Louisville, Kentucky   40243 , USA

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Products & Services:

  • Asphalt Equipment
  • Asphalt Plants
  • Hotmix
  • Asphalt Plant Parts
  • Asphalt Batch Plant
  • Asphalt Drum Plant
  • Asphalt Additive Equipment
  • Baghouses
  • Wetwashers
  • Baghouse Filter Bags
  • Baghouse Accessories
  • Burners
  • Cold Feed Systems
  • Asphalt Plant Controls
  • Air Pollution Controls
  • Burner Controls
  • Loadout Controls
  • Motor Controls
  • Process Controls
  • Asphalt Plant Conveyors
  • Asphalt Plant Elevators
  • Conveyors
  • Asphalt Crushers
  • Asphalt Cyclones
  • Aggregate Dryers
  • Dust Handling Systems
  • Mineral Handling Systems
  • Elevator Buckets
  • Asphalt Heaters
  • Oil Heaters
  • Miscellaneous Heaters
  • Liquid Asphalt Pumps
  • Liquid Asphalt Parts
  • Lightning Detection Systems
  • Asphalt Batch Mix Plant
  • Asphalt Drum Mix Plant
  • Conveyor Belt Scales
  • Truck Scales
  • Screening Systems
  • Aggregate Screens
  • Vibrating Screens
  • Shrp Mix Design Equipment
  • Surge Silos
  • Storage Silos
  • Asphalt Plant Control Software
  • Asphalt Mix Design Software
  • Soil Thermal Treatment Equipment
  • Asphalt Storage Devices
  • Asphalt Metering Devices
  • Asphalt Tanks
  • Oil Tanks
  • Ticketing Systems
  • Equipment Cleaning Devices
  • Lighting Systems
  • Paver Accessories
  • Paver Parts
  • Asphalt Plant Appraisals
  • Asphalt Consulting Services
  • Used Asphalt Equipment
  • Stansteel New Asphalt Equipment
  • Asphalt Parts
  • Asphalt Service

Web Site Results

Portable Batch Plants Cold Feed Bins & Equipment Controls and Control Houses Conveyors Double Drum Mixer Drums, Dryers and Flighting Hot Oil Heat Exchangers Liquid Asphalt Storage Tanks Recycle Equipment Rotary Mixer Conversion Tru-Flo A.C. Pump Skid Parts ...Hotmix Parts ~ Hot Mix Asphalt Plant Products HomeWhat's New Custom Rotary Mixer Forged Tire Assemblies Plant Components Asphalt Distribution Terminals Baghouses Batch Plant...
TELEPHONE EMAIL STATE COUNTRY QUESTION REGARDING Please Choose One Asphalt Distribution Terminals Baghouses Batch Plants Portable Batch Plants Cold Feed Bins & Equipment Controls & Control... Houses Conveyors Double Drum Mixer Rotaries Drums, Dryers 0r Flighting Systems Hot Oil Heat Exchangers Liquid Asphalt Storage Tanks Recycle Equipment Rotary Mixer Conversion...Hotmix Asphalt Equipment - Contact Us Please Feel Free to Contact Us if you have Questions or need Additional Information. We are happy to help! COMPANY NAME CONTACT_NAME...
Double Drum Recycle Vari-Mixer
Double Drum Mixer Dollar-for-dollar this HOTMIX DYNAMO out-performs the other 6,000+ asphalt plants in America. Hotmix brings revolutionary technology to the asphalt industry... with the Double Drum Recycle Vari-Mixer. This plant leads the asphalt industry in every statistic: production, high recycle capability, and low, low emissions. The basic operating... principle of this plant is very simple: completely divorce the flame from the mixing process. That lets you blend hot rock, recycle, liquid asphalt and all the other materials...
Rotary Mixer Conversion Package #2
Rotary Mixer Conversion The new generation of asphalt plant designed for Superpave Doubles production Generate the highest quality hotmix at the lowest per ton cost. Up to 50...% recycle without blue smoke problems. Low, low initial investment; high profit return. The Hotmix Rotary Mixer Recycle Conversion Package is the ultimate in asphalt plant technology.... This system can take your antiquated batch plant or your blue smoke-belching drum plant and turn it into a high production hotmix producing machine. This unique design incorporates...
Tru-Flo AC Pump Skid
the latest technology for precision measurement and injection of liquid A.C. used for hotmix asphalt plants. A state-of-the-art continuous pumping and electronic asphalt metering... skid with Hotmix's Accu-Track Total Plant Control - the asphalt pump transmits pulse signals to the Accu-Track control. Benefits include back-up meter capabilities and cross-check...Tru-Flo A.C. Pump Skid It's what you've always wanted for precise measurement of liquid AC without the waste. The Tru-Flo Asphalt Pump Skid manufactured by Hotmix represents...

Company Profile:

Contact: 502-245-1977
Address: 12700 Shelbyville Rd.
Louisville, Kentucky   40243 , USA
Url: http://www.hotmixparts.com
Fax: 502-244-4046
Annual Sales: US$2.5 Million - US$5 Million
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