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(330) 339-2211

406 Mill Ave. S.w., New Philadelphia, Ohio   44663 , USA

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General Info:

gradall hydraulic excavators feature the unique gradall telescoping boom on all undercarriages: highway wheeled, on and off highway wheeled,crawler excavators, and specialized machines for railroad maintenance, industrial and mining applications.

Products & Services:

  • Gradall
  • Hydraulic Excavators
  • Road Building Equipment
  • Road Maintenance
  • Road Repair
  • Telescopic Booms
  • Telescoping Booms
  • Road Construction
  • Construction Equipment

Web Site Results

to the equipment yard at the end of the day. Gradall Introduces XL 3100 IV Highway Speed Excavator The Gradall XL3100 IV hydraulic excavator is now updated with a wheeled... models they replaced. Gradall Introduces XL 4100 IV Hydraulic Excavator; An Easier Drive on Highways with an Automatic Transmission The new Gradall XL 4100 IV hydraulic excavator... Alliance (NJPA) has awarded Gradall Industries Inc. a four-year state and municipal purchasing agreement. Gradall Unveils Unique Virtual Walkarounds for Hydraulic Excavator Models...
- all engineered to significantly expand the designed-in versatility of the new Gradall Series 3 hydraulic excavator models. The Telestick boom extension can increase the reach... and range of Gradall excavators to as much as 50 feet, 2 inches on the largest models. Equipped with buckets, blades, grapples and more, the Telestick can enable Gradall's Series 3... excavators to be even more effective on big-reach jobs like dredging, sloping and cleaning canals as well as cleaning sediment ponds, removing flood debris or mowing and trimming...
Railway Maintenance Site Work Storm Cleanup AboutGradall| History ContactUs QualityPolicy GradallIndustries Careers Gradall News News Index NEW GRADALL XL 3100 III EXCAVATOR DELIVERS... HIGH VALUE VERSATILITY PACKAGE NEW PHILADELPHIA, OH The Gradall XL 3100 III excavator, currently being introduced by Gradall Industries, shares new operation and fleet management... advantages with other Gradall Series III excavator models. But what really sets this 40,000-pound workhorse apart from other excavators is its ability to present a cost-efficient...
Gradall Hydraulic Excavators Conventional Excavator Comparisons Home| ExcavatorModels| Highway Wheeled Rough-Terrain Wheeled Crawlers Industrial Maintenance Mine Scaling Railroad... Attachments. Advantages and Benefits of Wheeled Carrier Excavator Models Over Crawler Carrier Models. Advantages and Benefits of Wheeled Carrier Models Over Highway Speed Wheeled... pavement wheeled excavator Read More Follow Us: Gradall Industries, Inc. 406 Mill Avenue SW New Philadelphia, OH 44663 USA (330) 339-2211Terms of Use | Privacy Policy ...
VERSATILITY SETS NEW XL 3300 III EXCAVATOR APART NEW PHILADELPHIA, OH A new on/off pavement XL 3300 III excavator by Gradall Industries Inc. offers new features to build efficiency... a comfortable pattern. Other Series III cab features include new gauges to monitor hydraulic circuit pressures and standard air conditioning as well as fresh air ventilation. The XL... 3300 III has a compact profile with a new rear counterweight design, resulting in a rear swing of just 7 feet, 6 inches, enabling the excavator to work in traffic lanes without...

Company Profile:

Contact: 330-339-2211
Address: 406 Mill Ave. S.w.
New Philadelphia, Ohio   44663 , USA
Url: http://www.gradall.com
Fax: 330-339-8468
Year Established: 1946
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