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(614) 228-5489

707 Short St., Columbus, Ohio   43215 , USA

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General Info:

lang stone is the leader in fabrication, distribution and technical expertise for stone, granite, mable, and building products. in cooperation with architects, designers, contractors, builders, landscapers, masons and homeowners, lang stone creates lasting beauty in, on and around the buildings and homes of ohio.

Products & Services:

  • Stone Supplier In Columbus
  • Stone Supplier In Ohio
  • Stone For Landscaping
  • Stone For Garden
  • Stone For Construction
  • Natural Stone
  • Limestone
  • Sandstone
  • Wallstone
  • Flagging
  • Flag Stone
  • Marble
  • Granite
  • Dimensional Stone
  • Cut Stone
  • Stone Carving
  • Fabricated Stone
  • Bluestone
  • Veneer Stone
  • Pavers
  • Boulders
  • Garden Stone

Web Site Results

insulation specifications. UNIT: A piece of fabricated dimensional cubic or thin stone. UNDERCUT: Cut so as to present an overhang part, as a drip mold. UNDERLAYMENT: Factory...Lang Stone - Supplier of building and landscaping stone for professionals... Glossary of Terms - U - U VALUE: The overall heat transmission coefficient. Expressed in BTU per inch... proportioned combination of portland cement, sand and additives used with or without a latex liquid to level an uneven substrate and to provide a suitable stone floor tile setting surface...
Lang Stone - Supplier of building and landscaping stone for professionals... Glossary of Terms - R - RABBETT: A groove cut into the surface along an edge so as to receive another... piece similarly cut. RACKING: Stepping back successive courses of masonry. RAKE: An angular cut on the face of stone. RAKED JOINT: A mortar joint formed by removing the mortar..., texture, veining, and other characteristics of dimension stone, usually defined by using a number of samples or a mock-up. REBATED KERF: An additional cut that countersinks a kerf...
Lang Stone - Supplier of building and landscaping stone for professionals... Glossary of Terms - Q - QUARRIED STONE: Stone which has been extracted from the earth by means... of manpower and machines. QUARRIER: One who extracts natural stone from a quarry. QUARRY: The location of an operation where a natural deposit of stone is removed from the ground. QUARRY... BLOCK: Generally a rectangular piece of rough stone as it comes from the quarry, frequently scabbed (dressed) or wire-sawed for shipment. QUARRY RUN: In building stone, unselected...
Lang Stone - Supplier of building and landscaping stone for professionals... Glossary of Terms - V - V JOINT: A joint that has been shaped with a tool to form a "V." VAPOR BARRIER... condensation within the wall. VAPOR DIFFUSION: Transfer of water in partially dry solid from regions of high concentrates to those of low concentrates. VAULT: Arched stone roof. VEIN: A... layer, seam, or narrow irregular body of mineral material different from the surrounding formation. VEIN CUT: Unique to the marble industry, it is a cut perpendicular to the natural...
graded while running through the hydraulic stone splitter. The thickest pieces are palletized for split slabs, the thinner pieces (under 5 ) are split for cut drywall. This product...Lang Stone Company - Supplier of building and landscaping stone... About Lang Stone Drafting Our outstanding drafting department serves architects, builders, masonry contractors.... Lang Stone operates with a state of the art computer-assisted design program (CAD), and will take your sketch or architectural rendering and produce exact, detailed drawings...

Company Profile:

Contact: 614-228-5489
Address: 707 Short St.
Columbus, Ohio   43215 , USA
Url: http://www.langstone.com
Fax: 614-235-3324
Year Established: 1856
Annual Sales: US$5 Million - US$10 Million
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