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(317) 736-4047

4141 S. 25 W. Trafalgar, Indiana   46181 , USA

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General Info:

sheep, goat and cattle feeders, livestock handling equipment and show equipment. from squeeze chutes to tip tables, to lambing pens, we've got what you need!

Products & Services:

  • Cattle
  • Sheep
  • Hog
  • Equipment
  • Handling
  • Feeder
  • Automatic Waterers
  • Show Stands
  • Fitting Stands
  • Crowding Tub
  • Townsend
  • For Most
  • Paul Scales
  • Pens
  • Lambing
  • Kidding

Web Site Results

. Unlike most sorting gates, you only have one handle to operate instead of two. When opened all the way to one side or the other, it creates a blind alley so the sheep or goats will see... only open space to go thru. RacewayTo be used to support alley panel and to start circle. It is most generally used in conjunction with alley stop. Drop GateThe drop gate...
Waterers Miscellaneous Equipment Links Townsend's Sales - Links page created and reviewed by main street host Townsend Sales For-Most Cattle Equipment Easy Way Jug Livestock Waterers... Rhode Island marine surveyor.* Lemar Power Walk People moving systems and walkways. My Carpet GuysDiscover why Horizon Carpet Cleaners is becoming the most referred Phoenix Carpet...
Insert Funnel shaped insert (shown here placed in round feeder) reduces hay waste and keeps smaller animals from climbing in feeder. Works great for goats and also keeps most chafe out...

Company Profile:

Contact: 317-736-4047
Address: 4141 S. 25 W.
Trafalgar, Indiana   46181 , USA
Url: http://www.townsendequipment.com
Fax: 317-736-4558
Year Established: 1985
Annual Sales: Below US$1 Million
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