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(713) 861-1100

1407 W. Patton St. Houston, Texas   77009 , USA

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SMART UNIVERSAL TEMPERATURE TRANSMITTER SEM210 Universal Input Galvanically Isolated High Accuracy and Stability Small Size Easily Re-Programmed In Loop Interrogation INTRODUCTION The SEM210 is a second generation 'Smart' in head temperature transmitter that accepts any commonly used temperature sen...
Thermocouple EMF Tables Type B, C Type B, F Type E, C Type E, F Type J, C Type J, F Type K, C Type K, F Type N, C Type N, F Type R, C Type R, F Type S, C Type S, F Type T, C Type T, F **To view the files online, Adobe Acrobat Reader is required. To save the file, right click and choose "Save Target ...
LOOP POWERED TRIP ALARMS SEM1401 and SEM1402 Loop Powered Small Size Mains Rated Relays Single or Dual Trip Fail Safe LED Indication Active High or Low INTRODUCTION The SEM1401 and SEM1402 are loop powered trip alarms designed to accept a 4 to 20 ma signal from a transmitter and to provide a single ...
SEM1500 Signal Conditioner
SIGNAL CONDITIONERS & CONVERTERS SEM200 Series SEM1500 Series SandeliusInstruments offers a line of smart universal input, line and loop powered signal conditioner/transmitters. The two tables below show an overview of their general capabilities: SIGNAL CONDITIONERS The Below Table Shows An Over...
P.O. Box 30098Houston, Texas 77249 Office Number: 713-861-1100 Alternate Number: 713-861-1892 Fax Number: 713-861-9136 Toll Free: 1-800-847-5742 E-mail: info@sandelius.com ...

Company Profile:

Contact: 713-861-1100
Address: 1407 W. Patton St.
Houston, Texas   77009 , USA
Url: http://www.sandelius.com
Fax: 713-861-9136
Year Established: 1956
Annual Sales: US$2.5 Million - US$5 Million
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