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(215) 256-7000

1501 Industrial Blvd., Mainland, Pennsylvania   19451 , USA

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General Info:

accupac manufactures fills and packages a wide range of consumer commodity over the counter and prescription products for the world’s largest pharmaceutical and consumer products companies...

Products & Services:

  • Accupac
  • Accupac
  • Inc.
  • Complete Outsourcing For Contract Manufacturing
  • Outsourcing For Liquid Contract Manufacturing
  • Contract Pharmaceutical Manufacturing
  • Pharmaceutical Contract Manufacturing
  • Pharmaceutical Liquid Contract Manufacturing
  • Liquid Contract Pharmaceutical Manufacturer
  • Liquid Contract Manufacturer
  • Liquid Contract Manufacturers
  • Liquid Contract Manufacturing
  • Liquid Contract Work
  • Specialized Pharmaceutical Packaging
  • Otc Liquid Packaging Supplier
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  • Pharmaceutical Packaging Development
  • Pharmaceutical Packaging Services
  • Pharmaceutical Packaging Service
  • Pharmaceutical Packaging Solutions
  • Pharmaceutical Packaging Solution
  • Pharmaceutical Turnkey Solutions
  • Skin Care Packaging
  • Liquids
  • Creams
  • Lotions
  • Pastes
  • Ointments
  • Preferred Liquid Contract Manufacturer

Web Site Results

animal pharmaceutical
Click here for our complete... Contact a specialist today! 215 _256 _7000 or contact us online Accupac's Corporate Timeline 1974 Accupac, a family-run packaging company serving... the cosmetic and pharmaceutical industry, begins operation in a 3,500 square-foot facility in Jeffersonville, PA. 1980 Accupac quickly outgrows original space and moves to our... are fully outfitted. The 90s Accupac enters the prescription drug arena. Manufacturing and packaging equipment and capabilities are expanded to include high-speed packaging lines...
high volume lotion filling line
manufactures, fills and packages a wide range of consumer commodity, over-the-counter (OTC) and prescription (Rx) products for the worlds largest pharmaceutical and consumer products... continuity planning. We stay ahead of the curve and rise to the challenge of unique manufacturing and packaging needs such as innovative bottles, tubes and syringes and toothpaste... including specialized printing, packaging and shipping can give your products the edge in the global marketplace. Accupac offers: Total Customer Support Complete Supply Chain Management...
of innovation and stability. For more than 30 years, Accupac has served the worlds largest pharmaceutical and consumer products companies by offering customized contract manufacturing... and packaging solutions. Our clients rely on Accupac to be an extension of their own facilities, said Mark Hinkel, vice president of sales and marketing. We want to offer one-stop..., customized contract manufacturing, specialized packaging and specialty applications. We take pride in anticipating your future needs and our flexibility in addressing them, said...
animal pharmaceutical
and Pharmaceuticals Accupac understands that products created for animal health require the same high level of care and attention as the products manufactured for people. We provide cGMP... compliance, managing stability programs, validation and much more. You receive the same services we apply to any pharmaceutical or OTC product. For example, Accupac will work with your New... cosmeceutical like a pharmaceutical product from start to finish. Thats important in an increasingly competitive marketplace where retail customers are more informed than ever. For...

Company Profile:

Contact: 215-256-7000
Address: 1501 Industrial Blvd.
Mainland, Pennsylvania   19451 , USA
Url: http://www.accupac.com
Fax: 215-256-7009
Year Established: 1974
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