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(610) 861-0111

1150 Mauch Chunk Rd., Bethlehem, Pennsylvania   18018 , USA

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DDI BiPlane Damper Construction High percentage of open area in DDI blade construction results in lower pressure drop. Typical DDI BiPlane dampers in ducts with 3500 ft.per min. velocities cause pressure drops of less than 0.1 inches water column. The truss design of DDI BiPlane lover blades maximiz...
DDI Guillotine Construction Port section walls are flush with duct inner walls, minimizing pressure drop. Port section carries duct axial and shear loads through side frame members. Patented shallow seal air chamber provides outstanding rigidity. All port section welds are continuous; structural wel...
DDI Guillotine Seals DDI guillotine seals have unequalled durability, ease of replacement, and continued sealing efficiency. The DDI sealing system requires substantially less seal air than competing systems. All DDI guillotine seals are alloy C-276 Typical scrubber users have better than 5 years li...
DDI Louver Bearings Available with DDI dry, self lubricating close coupled bearings with air sealed packing. Commercial bearings are available close coupled, or on extended brackets with conventional bolted packing boxes. DDI close coupled bearings maximize packing life by minimizing shaft deflectio...
DDI Golden Eagle Register The Golden Eagle register provides excellent reliability and combustion performance. It is ruggedly built with a minimum of moving parts, ensuring maximum reliability. The Golden Eagle register delivers excellent flame stability, short flames, and controlled peak flame temp...

Company Profile:

Contact: 610-861-0111
Address: 1150 Mauch Chunk Rd.
Bethlehem, Pennsylvania   18018 , USA
Url: http://www.damperdesign.com
Fax: 610-861-0116
Year Established: 1975
Annual Sales: US$5 Million - US$10 Million
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