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(724) 872-5007

580 Plummer School Rd., West Newton, Pennsylvania   15089 , USA

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General Info:

thermcoil mfg. co. is your complete source for engineering and manufacturing custom commercial electric heaters as well as a full line of residential heating elements. we offer electric heating elements, industrial heaters, and temperature controls.

Products & Services:

  • Commercial Electric Heaters
  • Electric Heating Elements
  • Heating Elements
  • Industrial Heaters
  • Residential Electric Heaters
  • Temperature Controls

Web Site Results

Water Heater Catalog Therm-Coil Manufacturing Co. WH-2007 ELECTRIC WATER HEATING REPLACEMENT ELEMENTS CONTROLS & ACCESSORIES Index Page Accessories, Gaskets and Wrenches 7 B...-Models 2,3 D-Models 3,4,5 F-Models 1 Flanges - Adapt-A-Flange 7 Mobile Home Elements 9 R-Models 5 Replacement Models for Mor-Flo/Water Innovations/ Sears/Marathon 6 Thermostats 8,9 ...
Therm-Coil Mfg. Co. heating elements, industrial heaters, electric... Commercial & Industrial Range & Water Heating Elements & Controls Open Wire Coils Special Heating Elements... Heating Elements and Controls *COMMERCIAL & INDUSTRIAL* Cartridge Heaters CI-2002 Commercial & Industrial Catalog Finned Duct Heaters - Temporarily unavailable Flexible Drum Heaters... Mica Type Heaters Steel Finned Hairpins New 03/26/2008 Thermocouples New 04/04/2008 *RESTAURANT & COMMERCIAL* Restaurant & Commercial *ELECTRIC WATER HEATER ELEMENTS* Water Heater...
WH-2006 Water Heating Catalog 8 Previous Page Home Page Water Heating Index Next Page Therm-Coil Electric Water Heater Thermostats Therm-coil Domestic Thermostat Domestic 110 -160... to the bottom WH-9 thermostat and heating element. The entire water heater with then recover to the set point of the WH-9. Minimum manual reset temperature is 40 below cutout temperate. Packaging = Display Pack only Previous Page Home Page Water Heating Index Next Page 8 ...-Limit & Cover *Replaces WH8-WL4-C WH-10-WL6 WH-10-WL6-C The WH10-WL6 thermostat is onlyused as the upper thermostat on double element water heaters. The purpose for an upper...
WH-2006 Water Heating Catalog 9 Previous Page Home Page Water Heating Index Therm-Coil Electric Water Heater Thermostats 59T4090 66T-59T4090 59T4190 66T-59T4190 HLC-1610 Therm-O... Elements for Mobile Homes Standard Sam Speed-A-Matic - General Processing Model Number Watts Volts SAM-115 1500 120 SAM-117 1750 120 Due to Market conditions please consult factory... Watts Volts X RET-115 1500 120 Please Specify BOXED, DISPLAY PACK, or BULK (6 or 32) X = Discontinued when current stock is depleted Previous Page Home Page Water Heating Index 9 ...

Company Profile:

Contact: 724-872-5007
Address: 580 Plummer School Rd.
West Newton, Pennsylvania   15089 , USA
Url: http://www.thermcoil.com
Fax: 724-872-0112
Year Established: 1958
Annual Sales: US$5 Million - US$10 Million
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