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(708) 839-1602

205 Willow Springs Rd. Willow Springs, Illinois   60480 , USA

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General Info:

?he technology leaders in the crack repair industry?engineered casting repair services, inc and metalock?corporation employ a number of licensed engineers with over 50 years combined experience in the crack repair industry. we have been providing 24-hour service to clients across the globe for over 60 years.

Products & Services:

  • Casting Repair
  • Engineering
  • Crack Repair
  • Cast Iron Repair
  • Fixing Cracks In Cast Iron

Web Site Results

Engines Wartsila-Sulzer V-12 Engines ECRS was contacted by an international utility company to perform crack repairs to damaged main bearing pedestals on two 5700kW generator... engines located in Chiclayo, Peru. During the crack repair process, ECRS engineers determined that in addition to the cracking problems in the respective engines that the main bearing... this additional problem, we now had to do much more than just crack repair. crack repair ECRS first die checked all of the main bearing pedestals to inspect for cracking. Cracking...
a routine maintenance inspection. The crack completely severed the rim along the line of the root of the tooth. fea analysis Finite Element Analysis was used in the repair design... for this gear. A model was run with the crack present and no repair. These results are on the left. The model on the right also possesses the crack but has the reinforcement plates... in repairing cracks of this type we concluded that the crack can be repaired by the installation of metalocks and metalace in the crack plane. Below is a picture of the crack before...
"through case cracks" with probable steam leakage. repair procedures performed The total length of crack in the upper and lower I/P cases was 242 inches. Over 70% of these cracks... were completely through the case, and causing steam leakage. ECRS engineers designed an extensive crack repair involving metalocks , preloaded masterlocks, keylocks, and metalace.... The designs were specific to each of the 4 locations of cracking. Repair Complete After the installation of these repairs, the turbine was returned to service. There was zero steam...
to repair this piece after it had cracked due to fatigue under normal operating conditions. Because of the method of failure, additional strength would need to be added to prevent... at the top of the piece. Others previously attempted a weld repair on these cracks sometime before ECRS became involved. This proved to be unsuccessful. The total length of crack... was approximately 50 inches. This is shown in the pictures below. repair procedures performed All of the cracking shown above was repaired using Metalock's patented repair components. Two...
performed The 700 inches of crack was repaired from the inside as well as the outside of the case. Masterlock, metalock , and metalace components were all incorporated... into the mechanical repair of this crack. The ends of the crack were stop drilled to hinder any further propagation. Following is a picture of these repairs. installation of reinforcement In... total length of cracks was approximately 540 inches. These were repaired using masterlock, metalock , and metalace components. In addition to the cracking, there was a piece missing...

Company Profile:

Contact: 708-839-1602
Address: 205 Willow Springs Rd.
Willow Springs, Illinois   60480 , USA
Url: http://www.casting-repairs.com
Fax: 708-839-1603
Year Established: 1937
Annual Sales: US$2.5 Million - US$5 Million
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