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Website Snapshot of Sawmill Hydraulics, Inc.


(309) 245-2448

23522 W. Farmington Rd. Farmington, Illinois   61531 , USA

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Products & Services:

  • Sawmill Hydraulics
  • Inc Helle Sawmill Equipment
  • Scragg Mills
  • Feeds
  • Carriages
  • Log Turners
  • Setworks
  • Vertical Edgers
  • Double End Trimmers
  • Computerized Setworks
  • Drag Chain
  • Pumping Unit
  • Saw Cabs
  • Electric Controls
  • Sawmills

Web Site Results

Carriages The HELLE Automatic Carriage: Standard or HEAVY DUTY! USED EQUIPMENT BLOW OUT! DUE TO HIGH DEMAND OF OUR HIGH QUALITY CARRIAGES WE HAVE 2 USED CARRIAGES IN STOCK. CALL... US TODAY! Standard Carriage Non-arcing tong dogs with constant pressure when in log Top and bottom dogs taper with the dogs, not with the knees All valves are interchangeable Oil..." Opening (other options available) HELLE-Tech Setworks Standard Sawtech Optional HEAVY DUTY 3/4" Plated Wearplates 6"x6" Carriage Frame 11" Wide Headblocks 1/2" Thick Steel Knee...
Carriage Drives, HELLE Carriage Feed, Carriage The HELLE Hydrostatic Feedworks 5 Models 30 HP 40 HP 60 HP 75 HP 100 HP 100 HP 60 HP Sawmill Hydraulics is a leading manufacturer... of Hydrostatic Carriage Drives. We offer several features on these drives. HELLE Feeds feature only the latest in modern technology. Eliminates Roller Chain Drive! Auxiliary Pump For...
Part Manuals The HELLE Carriage Parts Manual The HELLE Vertical Edger Part Manual The HELLE Scragg Part Manual The HELLE Log Turner Part Manual The HELLE Catalog The HELLE Scragg...
C Log Turner
Log Turners THE HELLE LOG TURNER 3 Models Available Model B: Fast and responsive, for carriages 36 inches and smaller Model C: Same as B, but larger, more torque for carriages up...
- Our Competition Uses A Fragile Expensive Temposonic Rod AND THERE'S MORE: 2 MBOF (Modified Best Opening Face) - Automatically sets the carriage and vertical edger for your preset... and allows the vertical edger to track the carriage. DROP AND GO/MASTER ALL CLEAR - Automatically drops the cant when done and opens up the carriage, dogs, tapers and vertical edger...

Company Profile:

Contact: 309-245-2448
Address: 23522 W. Farmington Rd.
Farmington, Illinois   61531 , USA
Url: http://www.4helle.com
Fax: 309-245-5126
Year Established: 1963
Annual Sales: US$2.5 Million - US$5 Million
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