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(630) 543-6833

2n134 Addison Rd. Villa Park, Illinois   60181 , USA

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orchids by hausermann's - we are the oldest and largest orchid grower in the midwest.

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  • Orchids
  • Cattleya Orchids
  • Phalaenopsis Mericlones Orchids
  • Paphiopediliums Orchids
  • Phragmipediums Orchids
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Web Site Results

you with the oldest and largest orchid grower in the Midwest. The orchids we show here are a complete listing of our orchid products and services. We invite you to look through our...Welcome to Orchids By Hausermann On-Line Orchid catalog. Thank you for visiting the Orchids By Hausermann's website. The purpose of our presence on the internet is to familiarize... site which features a wide selection of Cattleya and Phalaenopsis Mericloned Orchids, many with beautiful full color images. Our website also offers other orchid species...
HAUSERMANN, INC., in order to better serve the hobby orchid grower as well as the professional. Demand for exquisite and unusual orchid plants has permitted steady growth... and expansions of this firm, which serves local, mail order, and overseas customers. Hybrid orchid varieties are grown from seed, or acquired from many growers throughout the world. Superior...Orchids By Hausermann - Our History. Learn more about Orchids By Hausermann LOCATED IN THE HEART OF AMERICA near Chicago is the complex of the Hausermann-owned greenhouses, one...
"Orchid Growing Tips" GROWING TIPS Whether you are a beginning enthusiast or a casual hobbyist the below tips should help you become a successful orchid grower. ORCHIDS CAN BE... GROWN and bloomed by anyone who is able to grow plants such as African violets or philodendron. Like any other plant, orchids require light, correct temperature ranges, humidity..., water and feeding. The kind of care given an orchid plant determines the rate of success in blooming the plant. Since orchids in cultivation originate in almost all tropical parts...
Orchid Care Culture Guide of Popular Orchids CATTLEYA ODONTOGLOSSUM PHAIUS ZYGOPETALUM CYMBIDIUM ONCIDINAE* PHALAENOPSIS DENDROBIUM ONCIDIUM PHRAGMIPEDIUM MILTONIOPSIS... PAPHIOPEDILUM VANDA CATTLEYA CULTURE Temperature: The ideal temperature for Cattleya Orchids is 80 degrees Fahrenheit on bright days, 70 degrees on overcast days, and 60 degrees at night.... Miltoniopsis have very tender and fragile roots; for this reason, we recommend using rain water whenever possible. Feeding: Since Miltoniopsis are vigorous growers, fertilizer can...

Company Profile:

Contact: 630-543-6833
Address: 2n134 Addison Rd.
Villa Park, Illinois   60181 , USA
Url: http://www.orchidsbyhausermann.com
Fax: 630-543-9842
Year Established: 1920
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