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(724) 282-7145

3560 Beck Rd., Butler, Pennsylvania   16002 , USA

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Products & Services:

  • Live Cell Imaging
  • Time Lapse Imaging
  • Live Cell
  • Live-cell
  • Cell Culture
  • Dish
  • Culture Dish
  • Chamber
  • Incubation Chamber
  • Perfusion Chamber
  • Delta T
  • Fcs
  • Fcs2
  • Focht
  • Focht Chamber
  • Temperature Control
  • Co2 Control
  • Temperature Control Systems
  • Environmental Control
  • Live-cell Microscopy
  • Live Cell Microscopy
  • Imaging
  • Light Microscopy
  • Perfusion Systems
  • Objective Heaters
  • Microscope Heaters
  • Heated Dish
  • Heated Culture Dish
  • Disposable Culture Dish
  • Glass Bottom Dish

Web Site Results

: The sites of attachment between the myoblast and the surface of the imaging chamber are not properly released, causing the cell to take the draconian measure of severing parts... you need an Objective Heater System Link: Objective Heater System Length: 0min 20sec Size: 8.9mb Type: QuickTime [Home] [Products] [Price list] E-mail: info@bioptechs.comPhone: (724) 282-7145, Toll-Free 877 LIVE-CELL (5483-2355), Fax: (724) 282-0745 ... laboratory has multiple imaging stations with Delta T systems running 24 hours a day. Movie Information Movie Link: Albino Swiss Mouse Embryo Fibroblasts (3T3 Line) Description...
chambers for time lapse imaging. It is designed to address the fluidic and temperature control issues typical of chemically or thermally induced change experiments in live-cell chambers... controller E-mail: info@bioptechs.com Phone: (724) 282-7145, Toll-Free 877 LIVE-CELL (548-3235), Fax: (724) 282-0745 ... is a Windows XP computer program with associated interface hardware that allows the user to intuitively and repeatedly control perfusion or temperature in micro-fluidic cell...
Snapwell with DT and Heated Lid
cells on 22mm coverslips, observe with high N.A. lenses Reduce some of the workload from other live-cell scopes Click for Details EDU Culture Dish Control System Educational Series... to scope No Preheating, First-Surface heating direct to your cells Click for Details Lab-Tek Chamber Slide Warmer! Have temperature control and Z axis stability Uses Lab-Tek glass bottom... for Details Bioptechs Stable "Z" Specimen Warmer Designed to warm your cells in conventional plastic ware without inducing "Z" axis drift! The effect of thermal expansion...
-cell scopes in your facility. This technique provides a cost effective solution for live-cell imaging when combined with a time-lapse camera and upright microscope. Pictured above... when imaging to create an optical surface onto the liquid in the dish. This eliminates the optical effect of fluid motion at the air to liquid surface above the cells that causes... Instructions Part # 042021918 Yeast Slide Adapter See Thermal Slide System Part # 042005076 E-mail:info@bioptechs.com Phone: (724) 282-7145, Toll-Free 877 LIVE-CELL (548-3235), Fax: (724) 282-0745 ...
that is designed specifically for the demands of today's live-cell imaging requirements for upright microscopes. It has limitless flow characteristics because its flow geometry can easily... flow out of a CO2 tank with regulator E-mail: info@bioptechs.com Phone: (724) 282-7145, Toll-Free 877 LIVE-CELL (548-3235), Fax: (724) 282-0745 ... chamber: Suitable for no flow through high rate flow procedures where a rapid exchange of media is required with low cell surface shear Cell temperature can be controlled from ambient...

Company Profile:

Contact: 724-282-7145
Address: 3560 Beck Rd.
Butler, Pennsylvania   16002 , USA
Url: http://www.bioptechs.com
Fax: 724-282-0745
Year Established: 1992
Annual Sales: US$1 Million - US$2.5 Million
Market Sectors: Governmental,Institutional
Business Type: Retail & Dealer,Manufacturer,Service
Sales/Service Area: Butler, PA
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