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Website Snapshot of B&H Tool Works, Inc.


(859) 624-2458

1785 Lancaster Road Richmond/madison, Kentucky   40475 , USA

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Products & Services:

  • Tool And Die
  • Progressive Dies
  • Design
  • Metal Stampings
  • Special Tooling
  • Jigs
  • Fixtures
  • Gages
  • Special Machines
  • Metal Fabrication
  • Machined Parts
  • Laser Cutting
  • Wire Edm
  • Cnc Milling
  • Cnc Turning
  • Reverse Engineering

Web Site Results

BHTools B&H tooling Capabilities Experienced in providing weld fixtures, welded assemblies, and special machines Short lead times when the job requires Advanced 3D modeling... capabilities Creative problem solving Besides just building dies, B&H is very skilled at providing special and custom tooling. We have an experienced staff with knowledge of jigs..., fixtures, special machines, gauges, and welded assemblies. We are able to help you solve tooling problems by designing and building the tool you require. Our wide arrange of equipment...
BHTools ABOUT US B&H Toolworks, located in the heart of Kentucky blue grass country, is a comprehensive metal stamping and tooling fabricator. B&H specializes in Class A... progressive dies, special tooling of all types, and operates as a versatile manufacturer of stamping parts of all sizes. We are a Tier 2 supplier to both domestic and foreign automotive... to give your project the care that it deserves. Mission Statement Our mission is to manufacture high quality metal stamping dies, metal stamping products, and special tooling...
FAX E-mail Select which services you are interested in (check any that may apply): Dies Metal Stamping Laser Cutting Prototyping Special Tooling (Jigs, Fixtures, Gages, etc.) Reverse...

Company Profile:

Contact: 859-624-2458
Address: 1785 Lancaster Road
Richmond/madison, Kentucky   40475 , USA
Url: http://www.bhtoolworks.com
Fax: 859-624-2511
Year Established: 1978
Annual Sales: US$10 Million - US$50 Million
Market Sectors: Industrial,Commercial,Governmental
Business Type: Manufacturer
Certification: iso 9001
Sales/Service Area: North America
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