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(262) 790-4200

381,6th Concession Road, East, Waterdown, Ontarion, Wisconsin   L0R 2H0 , USA

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General Info:

AVON Engineering has grown steadily since 1983 as a highly regarded supplier of Material Handling, Strip Process Machinery, and Press Room Automation Equipment. AVON's increase in market share is due to high standards of engineering and manufacture, and commitment to customer satisfaction. We have the people, the experience, the facilities, and the technology to custom engineer and manufacture equipment to optimize your production process, improve your product quality and productivity.

Products & Services:

  • Asme Bth 1
  • Banding Table
  • Below-the-hook
  • Bottom Block
  • C-hook
  • Cement Mill Wheel Tipper
  • Clam Bucket
  • Coil Bore Grab
  • Coil Bore Lifter
  • Coil Car
  • Coil Grab
  • Coil Lifter
  • Coil Tilter
  • Coil Tipper
  • Coil Tong
  • Coil Transfer
  • Coil Tripper
  • Conveyor
  • Crane Hook
  • Cut To Length
  • Cut-to-length. Double Rim Vertical Coil Tong
  • Double Roll Tong
  • Downender
  • Downlayer
  • Electrical Control
  • Entry Coil Car
  • Exit Coil Car
  • Eye Banding Table
  • Fixed Position Downender
  • Head Stacker
  • Hepenstall
  • Hook Block
  • Ingot Tong
  • J-hook
  • Ladle Beam
  • Ladle Hook
  • Latching Tong
  • Lifting Beam. Lifting Equipment Certification
  • Lifting Equipment Rebuilding
  • Lifting Equipment Upgrade
  • Magnet Beam
  • Manual Banding
  • Mold Lifter
  • Motorized Pallet Lifter
  • Mould Lifter
  • Mult
  • Non-ferrous Packaging
  • Ontario Regulation 851
  • Operator Station
  • Pallet Lifter
  • Paper Roll Handling
  • Paper Wrapping
  • Pick And Place
  • Plastic Film Wrapping
  • Roll Tong
  • Rotary Table
  • Rotate Beam
  • Rounds Tong
  • Sheet Lifter
  • Shuttle Car
  • Skid Banding
  • Skid Strapping
  • Skidded Mult
  • Slab Car
  • Slab Tong
  • Slit Coil
  • Slit Coil Packaging
  • Slit Mult Tracking
  • Sortation Table
  • Spreader Beam
  • Spring Balanced C-hook
  • Stacker
  • Stacking Equipment
  • Storage Conveyor
  • Strapping
  • Strip Process Machinery
  • Telescopic Beam
  • Telescopic Magnet Beam
  • Telescopic Pallet Lifter
  • Transfer Car
  • Traveling Downender
  • Traveling Upender
  • Turnstile
  • Under Hook Attachment
  • Upender
  • Vertical Coil Tong
  • Weighing System

Product Brands:

  • Avon Engineering

Web Site Results

5 Coil Lift spreader
Hook Blocks Spreader Beams Pallet Lifters Vertical Lifting Equipment Single Rim Coil Tong - Before and After Avon Engineering designs and manufactures lifting solutions. Our goal... are experienced in addressing the specific needs found in heavy industrial applications. All new and reconditioned lifters are designed in conformance with ASME Specifications B30.20... Grabs Ladle Hooks Rotating Crane Hooks Sheet and Plate Lifters Spreader Beams Lifting Tongs Specialty Equipment For examples of the equipment that Avon Engineering can provide to your...

Company Profile:

Contact: 262-790-4200
Address: 381,6th Concession Road, East
Waterdown, Ontarion, Wisconsin   L0R 2H0 , USA
Url: http://www.avonengineering.com
Fax: 262-790-4202
Year Established: 1985
Market Sectors: Industrial,Governmental
Business Type: Manufacturer
Certification: iso 9001,Canadian Welding Bureau
Sales/Service Area: Worldwide
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