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P.o. 239, Larchmont, New York   10538 , USA

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General Info:

Web-Cote is a producer of non- toxic insect and rodent control products used in homes, public housing, commercial settings, on ships, on airplanes, food service, US Military and more. Products include glue traps for flying insects, pheromone insect traps for use in buildings and agriculture, rodent glue traps, crawling insect traps, glue boards for fly lights, fly tapes for use in livestock and troop tents/ lodging/ food structures.

Products & Services:

  • Pest Control
  • Fly Control
  • Mouse Control
  • Rat Control
  • Moth Control
  • Insect Control
  • White Flies
  • Fly Swatters
  • Mouse Traps
  • Rat Traps
  • Mole Traps
  • Gopher Traps
  • Heavy Adhesive Applications
  • Transfer Tapes
  • Screwseal Tapes
  • Fly Paper
  • Insect Monitors
  • Mouse Traps
  • Rat Traps
  • Mouse Glue Boards
  • Rat Glue Boards
  • Three-part Insect Monitoring Stations
  • Adhesive Applications
  • Apricultural Pest Control
  • Agricultural Insect Control
  • Non-toxic Insect Control
  • Non-toxic Pest Control

Web Site Results

Revenge Sticky Fly Tape
Stink Bug Traps Thrip Traps Trapping Plant Stakes Tree Banding Rolls White Fly Traps Window Fly Traps Rodent Control Mouse Glue Boards Rat Glue Boards Snake Glue Boards M and R Glue... Traps Black Fly/Deer Fly Traps Citrus Leaf Miner Clothing Moth Traps Codling Moth Traps Delta Traps Electric Fly Light Glue Boards Flea Trap Inserts Fly Paper Fly Sticks Fly String... Traps Patented Gopher Traps Patented Mouse and Rat Traps Patented Round Mouse Traps Repeating Mouse Traps Insecticides Aerosols Dusts Granules Liquids The 4 Legged Insurgents Rats...
Jim Cowen
, and that the flooding had reached Hamburg, Iowa, he sent the town almost 2,600 poison-less rodent control glue boards, with a combined worth of approximately $2,000. The company..., which manufactures pest control products and other items that utilize hot melt adhesive, provided Hamburg, Iowa, with enough glue boards to capture more than 88,000 creatures. I... by Sara Hudock-Cole/New Jersey Herald Jim Cowen, owner of Web-Cote Industries, demonstrates the rodent control glue boards manufactured in his plant, located just outside Hamburg...

Company Profile:

Contact: 19146301600
Address: P.o. 239
Larchmont, New York   10538 , USA
Url: http://www.web-cote.com
Fax: 914-630-7001
Year Established: 1968
Ownership: Woman owned
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