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516-437-6700 x107

125 Railroad Avenue,, Garden City Park, New York   11040-5016 , USA

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General Info:

we are the leading supplier of metric spur gears, helical gears, spiral & striaght bevel gears, miter gars, ring gears, screw gears, gear racks, worms & worm wheels, ratchets & pawls, involute splines, and related gearing items.

Products & Services:

  • Spur Gears Helical Bevel Gears Ring Screw Gear Racks Miter Worms Worm Wheels Ratchets Involute Splines Ratchets & Pawls

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Planetary Gearheads Gear Head Heads Gearhead
Planetary Gearheads Gear Head Heads Gearhead Planetary Gearheads Free Catalog Gearheads Size 52 Gearheads Size 78 Gearheads Size 98 Quality Transmission Components 125 Railroad Avenue, Garden City Park, NY 11040-5016 Phone: (516) 437-6700 Fax: (516) 328-3343 e-mail: qtcsupport@qtcgears.com ...
Worms, Worm Gears, Worm Wheels, Aluminum Bronze Wrom Gears, Plastic Worm Gears, Bronze Worm Gears, Cast Iron Worm Gears Stainless Steel Worms, Duplex Worms, Duplex Wrom Gears
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Back to Image Index Choice of Three Backlash Specifications Smooth, Quiet Operation (Helical Gears)Lightweight and Compact Single or Double Stage MATERIAL: Housing Aluminum Gears 4135 Alloy Steel - HRC 50...52 Output Shaft 4135 Alloy Steel - HRC 30...32 SPECIFICATIONS: Max. Input Speed: 60...

Company Profile:

Contact: 516-437-6700 x107
Address: 125 Railroad Avenue,
Garden City Park, New York   11040-5016 , USA
Url: http://www.qtcgears.com
Fax: 516-328-3343
Year Established: 1993
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