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425-828-4919 x235

11808 Northup Way Ste W190, Bellevue, Washington   98005-1954 , USA

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Technologies Compressor AVC Expander Gas Turbine Engine Overview Ramgen has developed four breakthrough technologies: Compressor AVC Expander Gas Turbine Engine Home | About | Technologies | Markets | Partners | News | Contacts Copyright 2008 Ramgen Power Systems, LLC ...
Expander CompressorAVC Expander Gas Turbine Engine Expander Planar Nozzle Technology Ramgen Planar Nozzle Expanders Just as supersonic flight inlets are commonly used... to efficiently decelerate and compress an air stream for use by a jet engine, supersonic nozzles are routinely used in ramjet and rocket systems to achieve the expansion and acceleration... of gas streams in a wide variety of propulsion systems. Figure 1 shows a picture of the Space Shuttle Main Engine SSME during a full power test. When operating at its design point...
Gas Turbine Engine Compressor AVC Expander Gas Turbine Engine Gas Turbine Engine ISCE Engine Shock Wave Based Ramgen Engine Summary Ramgen initiated development of its unique... shock wave based engine in 1998. At a Design Review organized by DOE/NETL in 2002, researchers from DOE, NASA, and the Air Force Research Laboratory conducted an in-depth review... of the Ramgen engine project and concluded that the technology was feasible and important. It was recognized that shock wave based compression offered an absolutely unique opportunity...
) is an enabling technology for gas turbine engines, which can allow them to meet stringent emission regulations with a simple retrofit and without the need to modify the engine casing. The... operational problems for many of the turbines operating on pipeline service. The AVC has the potential to: - Increase the overall engine efficiency by three to five percentage points... - Enhanced the engine durability with a significant increase in engine shaft power - Achieve < 3ppmv NOx - Offer a dry low NOx drop-in retrofit with minimum casing modifications...
and the supporting distributed power concepts. Ramgen was awarded its first seedling to evaluate the its novel gas turbine engine concept utilizing all three of its core technologies... is required to support high-energy weapons and the engine needs to respond to instantaneous changes in load. Ramgen conducted very successful combustor test on its second seedling...

Company Profile:

Contact: 425-828-4919 x235
Address: 11808 Northup Way Ste W190,
Bellevue, Washington   98005-1954 , USA
Url: http://www.ramgen.com
Fax: 425-828-7756
Year Established: 1994
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