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(360) 733-2020

200 Prospect St, Bellingham, Washington   98225-4404 , USA

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Products & Services:

  • Control
  • Doors
  • Keys
  • Access Control
  • Door-in Door
  • Securities
  • Safes
  • Door Closers
  • Security Lock
  • Closer Door
  • Locks

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. http://www.dorma-usa.com/usa/products/Product-Range/doorhardware/index-c-826-,Exit_Devices_277,277.html http://www.vonduprin.com/ DOOR CLOSERS A door closer is the mechanical... opened uncontrolled. Exterior doors should also have door closers to control the door from slamming or opening uncontrolled due to wind and/or HVAC. As with most hardware, door closers... in the NW, there should be no compromise in exterior door closers, they should be the heaviest. Unless the door closer is controlling the door, there is little point to having one. We...
. Additionally its important to have a door closer on the door so that it will close after a valid entry. The door can also be monitored by the system and initiate some sort of alarm...Accurate Keys HOME I CONTACT I KEYS I AUTO I SECURITY I HARDWARE I ACCESS I PORTFOLIO I BONEYARD SPECIAL PROJECTS Casino with short cabinet gate and break box assembly beside door... parts to a card access system are as follows: electric release of the door (either electric lock or strike), controller that holds the programming, reader to read the cards ID...

Company Profile:

Contact: 360-733-2020
Address: 200 Prospect St,
Bellingham, Washington   98225-4404 , USA
Url: http://www.accuratelock.net
Fax: 360-734-8765
Year Established: 1929
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