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724-887-5100 x110

120 Bridge St,, Scottdale, Pennsylvania   15683-1748 , USA

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General Info:

manufacturer of specialty alloy centrifugal and static castings and fabrications, petrochemical components, heat resistant alloys

Products & Services:

  • Duraloy
  • Duraloy Technologies
  • Inc.
  • Duraloy Technologies
  • Centrifugally Cast Tubes
  • Centrifugal
  • Static
  • Castings
  • Mo-re
  • Super 22h
  • Supertherm
  • Tunnel Furnace Rolls
  • Cal Rolls
  • Static Castings
  • Catalyst Tubes
  • Cast Tubes
  • Tma
  • Tma Alloys

Web Site Results

- static casting and centrifugal casting. Both processes require a high level of process control to produce high quality parts. In addition to casting, Duraloy offers complete welding... they are easily removed by machining. The result is a tube with a homogenous, very densely packed grain structure, ready for use or incorporation into an assembly. Static Casting... Static casting is one of the oldest methods of casting metal. Basically, static casting involves the pouring of hot metal into a shaped mold. The term "static" comes from the fact...
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DURALOY TECHNOLOGIES, INC. - SPECIALTY ALLOY CASTINGS Duraloy Technologies, Inc. Duraloy produces everything from basic as-cast static and centrifugal castings to the most complex... heat resistant alloys. In our Scottdale, Pennsylvania manufacturing facilities, Duraloy provides a single source for all of your centrifugal casting, static casting, fabrication... supplier of specialty high alloy, centrifugal and static cast components and assemblies for the steel mill and steel processing industries; petrochemical, fertilizer and refining...
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OF NEW IDEAS Duraloy utilizes both static and centrifugal casting methods to produce our parts. To find out more about our processes, click here. Exceptional patented..., research and the development and production of high-alloy heat-resistant castings since Thomas R. Heyward, Jr., founded the firm in the 1920's. Duraloy was the first foundry in the U.S... Today Today, Duraloy is a vibrant, growing company, proud to be a world leader in the production of specialty castings and assemblies. Our dry tunnel furnace rolls are widely...

Company Profile:

Contact: 724-887-5100 x110
Address: 120 Bridge St,
Scottdale, Pennsylvania   15683-1748 , USA
Url: http://www.duraloy.com
Fax: 724-887-5224
Year Established: 1994
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