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(626) 744-1789

2500 E Foothill Blvd # 402,, Pasadena, California   91107-3464 , USA

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Products & Services:

  • Aerospace Engineering
  • Spacecraft System
  • Launch Vehicle System
  • Rocket Design
  • Propellant Tank
  • Propellant Management Device
  • Pmd
  • Bladder Tanks
  • Elastomeric Bladders
  • Metal Diaphragms
  • Mil-std 1522a
  • Ewr 127-1
  • Probabilistic Design
  • Fracture Mechanics
  • Hydrogen Peroxide
  • Material Compatibility Testing
  • Hydrazine
  • Nitogen Tetroxide
  • Nto

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that is used for propellant compatibility evaluation and mechanical property testing. The compatibility of selected bladder and diaphragm elastomeric materials and metals to different... propellants can be tested. Tests such as bubble point and contact angle measurements can also be performed to support the design and development of surface tension based propellant... is now considered as a possible clean propellant alternative to propellants such as hydrazine, that have been traditionally used in spacecraft applications. Material compatibility...
surface tension PMD s can be made of Aluminum. This process was developed under NASA sponsorship and was used for the PMD propellant tanks of the Global Precipitation Mission. It...Angeles Crest Engineering Inc Propellant Management Devices Communications Satellite As a result of their demonstrated flight success and passive operation, surface tension... Propellant Management Devices (PMDs) have become the propellant acquisition system of choice for earth-orbiting satellites, planetary spacecraft and, in some cases, launch vehicle upper...
Angeles Crest Engineering Inc Stress Contours forPropellant Tank Pressure Vessel Design NASA Hyper-X Vehicle Angeles Crest Engineering Inc (ACEI) designs metallic propellant tanks... ANSI AIAA S-080 and S-081, MIL-STD 1522A and conform to the US Airforce range safety document EWR 127-1. ACEI designs tanks and pressurized components for unique operating... integrated-tank-bus designs to enable weight and cost savings. This is different to the traditional approach of dropping the tank into a spacecraft bus to be supported using struts...
for propellant compatibility testing was operational in February 2000. ACEI has developed a comprehensive database on concetrated hydrogen peroxide compatibility for metals and non... and ethanol tank and PMD performance and structural designs were completed in July 1998. Two communications satellite PMDs that were designed and developed by ACEI have successfully... completed their qualification test programs. One was launched in October 2000 and other will be launched in 2001. A NASA experimental vehicle coolant tank with an elastomeric bladder...

Company Profile:

Contact: 626-744-1789
Address: 2500 E Foothill Blvd # 402,
Pasadena, California   91107-3464 , USA
Url: http://www.angcrest.com
Fax: 626-744-1379
Year Established: 1997
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