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(412) 915-9426

1405 Parkway View Dr,, Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania   15205-1405 , USA

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Products & Services:

  • Oils
  • Spill
  • Soil
  • Universal
  • Well Water
  • Oil Pill
  • Heaters: Water
  • Marina
  • Pills
  • Boat

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or marinas, hydraulic fluid spills in industrial plants, shops or truck leaks, gasoline or fuel stormwater runoff, heating fuel oil in home storage tanks, railroad tracks & railroad... are used to absorb, encapsulate and remediate oil, fuel or other liquid petroleum spills and/or leaks in stormwater applications, marinas, oil, gasoline or fuel spills, engine rooms... basins, sewer drains, stormwater runoff, waterways, marines, marina, rivers, large and small bodies of water, where oil spill booms, pads, socks or other absorbent and remediation...
sound means of capturing and biodegrading the oil and fuel that leaks in a boat bilge and often escapes into marina waters. When you need a way to keep marina waters free of bilge...
petroleum spills in areas such as industrial plant settings (such as cooling ponds and tanks), shorelines - whether rocky or sandy - marinas, railroad tracks, oil wells/oil fields... cleanup applications such as fuel or oil spilled on land or ground, oil spills on shorelines, waterways or marinas, hydraulic fluid spilled in industrial plants, vehicle leaks... CastleHarbor Marina Chester, MD RE: Oil Buster Spill Material The Maryland Department of the Environment's Oil Control Program has reviewed the information provided on Oil Buster, Petrol-Rem...
! BioBooms can contain a spreading spill while the PRP inside consumes the pollution. Whether the spill is in open water, marinas, holding ponds or lagoons, BioBooms hold the spill...

Company Profile:

Contact: 412-915-9426
Address: 1405 Parkway View Dr,
Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania   15205-1405 , USA
Url: http://www.unireminc.com
Fax: 412-788-0111
Year Established: 2004
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