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Ketamine HCI CIII 10ml - 200mg/ml
profound analgesia. Although it can be used alone in many species, ketamine is an essential component of many successful drug combinations used in wildlife. First synthesized.... Ketamine has a wide and vast use in non-domestic species. Due to its relatively short action it has been commonly used in combination with the common alpha-two agonist xylazine... to great effect in numerous species. More recently it has found a broader species use combined with the newer more potent alpha-two agonist medetomidine. Ketamine has a synergistic effect...
Xylazine HCI (Cervizine) 30ml - 300mg/ml
species of wildlife when it is desirable to produce a reversible state of sedation accompanied by a short period of analgesia. Xylazine hydrochloride is an alpha-two agonist... is commonly used in conjunction with ketamine, etorphine and carfentanil in numerous species. Indications: Wildlife Management Xylazine hydrochloride has a multitude of applications... in the Handbook of Wildlife Chemical Immobilization. (Kreeger] Combined with ketamine, it has been used extensively in wildlife species and wildlife management applications. Its...
Medetomidine HCI 5ml - 40mg/ml
applications in non-domestic species. Dr. Harry Jalanka of the Helsinki Zoo conducted pioneering research in the use of medetomidine in zoo and free-ranging wildlife, laying... the foundation for expansion into other species. Medetomidine was approved in the US in 1995 under the trade name of Domitor. Indications: Wildlife Management Medetomidine is routinely... used in combination with the dissociative ketamine. The combination of this potent alpha-two agonist and ketamine allows the immobilization of most non-domestic species, characterized...
Etorphine HCI (M99) 20ml - 1mg/ml
Captivon. Etorphine was the first potent opiate agonist employed primarily for use in non-domestic and wild species. Prior to its development and registration in the early 1960s... and veterinarians to safely capture and restrain many species that previously could not be handled. Its reversibility with diprenorphine (M5050), a potent opiate antagonist, made... virtue of its long history in veterinary medicine and wildlife biology, etorphine use in numerous species is well documented in the literature. Although newer and more desirable...
Yohimbine HCI (Antagonil) 30ml - 10mg/ml
species by species. While it may be highly effective in reversing xylazine sedation in bighorn sheep, it may produce inconsistent erratic results in other members of the family Bovidae... that animals that are imprinted on humans and/or that are highly tame have been refractory to the reversal effects of yohimbine on xylazine sedation. Use in Domestic Species One... yohimbine hydrochloride in wild or exotic species, one must be prepared and knowledgeable regarding proper procedures to handle problemsresulting from animals being in lateral...

Company Profile:

Contact: 970-484-6267
Address: 1635 Blue Spruce Drive Suite 202, 1401 Duff Drive Suite 400
Fort Collins, Colorado   80524-2066 , USA
Url: http://www.wildpharm.com
Fax: 970-484-4941
Year Established: 1984
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