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(940) 569-4116

526 Charlotte Ave.,, Burkburnett, Texas   76354-2519 , USA

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General Info:

waterchillingproducts.com offer you the finest cooling systems available including water chillers, air cooled chiller, process chiller, industrial chiller and much more, come on in and have a look!

Products & Services:

  • Water Chillers
  • Air Cooled Chiller
  • Process Chiller
  • Industrial Chiller
  • Industrial Cooling Tower
  • Chilled Water System
  • Cooling Tower Design
  • Water Cooling Tower
  • Chiller Systems
  • Hydraulic Cooling
  • Cooling Tower
  • Water Cooling
  • Plastic Mold Cooling
  • Heating And Cooling Systems

Web Site Results

for performance-degrading freeze protection. Just add a remote air or water-cooled condenser for a complete chiller system. All components are mounted in an open frame for easy access.... RTAA Series R Chiller Hermetic rotary refrigeration machines provide chilled water for either comfort or industrial water cooling systems. These air-cooled chillers are engineered... are complete, factory-assembled liquid chillers for comfort or process-cooling applications. They use accessible hermetic compressors. CGA Air Cooled Chillers Trane 10 to 60 ton air...
-corrosive and provide part load operation. WPI's stainless steel chillers are used in bakeries, breweries, brewpubs, dairies and micro brewing systems. "NAE SERIES" MODULAR AIR COOLED... CHILLERS NAE Series Modular Air Cooled Chillers are used in industrial and commercial applications from central chilling of processes to HVAC. COMPA-CHILL modular chillers has become.... "CA SERIES" 3-20 TON PORTABLE AIR COOLED CHILLERS Packaged air-cooled portable and stationary chillers are designed and built to fit each customer s application. Indoor-outdoor...
industrial chiller to a 20-ton air cooled chiller for larger applications. COMPLETE WATER SYSTEM DESIGN AND MANUFACTURINGsales@waterchillersystems.com, Ph: 940-569-4116 Fax: 940-569-4247... we build. We have portable air cooled chiller systems in stock. We design and build challenging process chiller cooling systems, as well as providing liquid filtration... for beverages or a 20-ton air cooled chiller for larger applications, Whaley Products rises to the occasion with the perfect water chillers for each job. We offer process chiller systems...
Air Handlers Norwesco Tanks Trane Chillers Carrier Chillers CHILLER BROCHURES View Cart Process Chillers, Air Cooled Chillersand Water Cooled Chillers Complete Parts and Water System... Design Chiller Systems Available: Closed Loop Glycol Modular Packaged Portable Split In Stock CENTRAL CHILLING STATION Central stations are available in air or water cooled... SYSTEM THE NM SERIES IS GREAT FOR THIS APPLICATION. COMES WITH OR WITHOUT PUMP AND TANK. FULLY CHARGED AND TESTED READY FOR IMMEDICATE OPERATION. MODULAR AIR COOLED CHILLERS High...
Filtration Air Handlers Norwesco Tanks Trane Chillers Carrier Chillers CHILLER BROCHURES View Cart WHALEY PRODUCTS WILL ASSIST YOU IN LOCATING YOUR SPECIFIC COPELAND COMPRESSOR OR PART...Copeland Scroll Home Contact Us About Us Chillers Customer Service Products Cooling Towers Pumps Fractional HP Chillers Pump Tank Systems Compressors Heat Exchangers Valves... way to power their cooling system. Which means they can raise their level of comfort, while actually lowering their HVAC energy bills. So when your customers need a new air...

Company Profile:

Contact: 940-569-4116
Address: 526 Charlotte Ave.,
Burkburnett, Texas   76354-2519 , USA
Url: http://www.waterchillingproducts.com
Fax: 940-569-4247
Year Established: 1993
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