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9 Dorrs Ln, Bangor, Maine   04401-0739 , USA

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spill free oil drainage products (spill free) is committed to protecting the environment and natural resources by creating products that make oil changes and the transfer of hazardous liquid safe, efficient and completely \\\\"spill free\\\\".

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  • Oil
  • Change
  • Drainage
  • Spillfree
  • Spill Free

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System? Eliminates oil spills during oil changesTired of oil spills? Our Morico Envirolink Systems provide a Spill Free oil change. Eachconnection forms an airtight seal which... means a clean environment and happier employees.Easy installation and operationWant an easier way to extract oil? Our valve connects directly to your existing oil pan forproblem free... oil drainage. With one turn of your wrist the oil will be transported to anappropriate holding tank.Safety in the workplaceWorried about burns, slips, and accidents in the workplace...
Spill Free LLCSpill Free LLC - About Us Home Demo About Us Products Testimonials News Contact Us SPILL FREE: THE CLEAN, GREEN OIL MACHINE Spill Free Oil Drainage Products has been... of protecting the environment for future generations.Spill Free Oil Drainage has been awarded the DBE certification by the Maine Department of Transportation. The Maine Technology Institute... TO CASHOur family company has developed a patented, innovative way to prevent oil spills, which are both costly to the environment and to the wallet. The Spill Free Oil Drainage...
are utilizing a quickconnect oil drainage system to reduce equipment and truck downtime, and to protect the environment... Fig. 1: Spill Free portable pumping unit. GENERAL FEATURES: The... Spill Free Oil Drainage product is a closed system that facilitates quick, clean, and safe removal and replacement of oil in equipment and vehicles. The patented system was invented... by an experienced equipment mechanic and is available through SpillFree Oil Drainage Products LLC (www.SpillFreeLLC.com), based in Maine. OPERATION: The system features a valve...
Spill Free LLCSpill Free LLC - Components Home Demo About Us Products SpillFree Kits Components Chain Adjuster Testimonials News Contact Us Filter Drainage ToolUsed to drain oil... out of filter before taking the filter off the vehicle, the Filler Drainage Tool (left) is designed the same way that a "Quick Connector" is used for the drainage of the engine oil.... Save a headache Flexible Recovery Tube "Clean up Wand"The 'Clean Up Wand' (right) is utilized to clean hard to reach places on vehicles such as wheel wells, rear end oil...
Spill Free LLCSpill Free LLC - Testimonials Home Demo About Us Products Testimonials News Contact Us Testimonials Cyr Bus Lines "We save half an hour per vehicle doing oil changes... with the Spill Free System".Matt Gilman, Maintenance Director, Cyr Bus Lines Sargent Corporation "There is a saving of $45 with every oil change we do using the Spill Free System... of equipment side-by-side within 15 minutes, while it took three times as long the old way. I pump the waste oil into the waste oil tank on the service truck and reverse the action...

Company Profile:

Contact: 207-848-5858
Address: 9 Dorrs Ln,
Bangor, Maine   04401-0739 , USA
Url: http://www.spillfreellc.com
Fax: 207-848-3750
Year Established: 2000
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